Han Solo remains a total scamp. 

The new Star Wars stand-alone movie has been having a hard time of late and It’s been quite public knowledge that there has been a bit of behind the scenes upheaval. Now there may be a new issue about to dog the film. Plagiarism.

You have probably seen the Solo posters by now. Utterly fantastic works of art featuring giant lettering and hand painted scenes within the letters. Mix that with some bright eye-pleasing colours you have the perfect recipe for a great poster series. However, it seems that these new Solo posters are almost a direct copy of a series of Sony Music France album covers designed by Hachim Bahous which were originally released in 2015.

The discovery was brought to my attention by Amazon designer Adam Levermore via Twitter. Take a look at the images below, you can see the music covers use the same typeface, same colours, same graphics essentially. It’s just a little uncanny don’t you think?


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