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5 Ways To Improve The PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

The PS4, Xbox One and Switch are all exciting machines but they’re far from perfect. Here’s how we would improve every current day console; Console gaming is a really exciting place to be right now because for the first time […]

The PS4, Xbox One and Switch are all exciting machines but they’re far from perfect. Here’s how we would improve every current day console;

Console gaming is a really exciting place to be right now because for the first time since the height of the Wii’s success, 3 big console manufacturers are firing on all cylinders. Sony are the current market leaders with the PlayStation 4 & Pro which goes from strength to strength while Microsoft forge ahead in terms of processing power with the Xbox One X and Nintendo explore new territory with the world’s first hybrid home console. Each console brings something unique to the table and we’re fans of all 3 machines here at FingerGuns – but none of them are perfect. There are a number of qualms and concerns that we’d like to see improved with each of them that’d make them damn near perfect. Without further ado, here are 5 ways to improve the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Let’s start with…

The PlayStation 4

1). Network Stability and Speed

Every online network has outages. They’re almost impossible to avoid in this day in age with the near constant DDOS attacks but the PlayStation Network has an above average amount of downtime compared to other gaming networks. Sony have certainly improved on this in the past 12 months but there are still periods of unscheduled outages that cause some PlayStation gamers to tear their hair out – There were 2 periods of downtime in January 2018 alone. Alongside this is the unpredictable and often dreadfully slow download speeds from the PSN. “Greatness Awaits” might be the PS4 tagline but even with lightning fast broadband, a single game download can take days to complete so perhaps “Greatness Waits” is more appropriate. If Sony fix these issues, the PS4 would be vastly improved platform.

2). Backwards Compatibility

The elephant in the room. Backwards Compatibility is one of the highest requested PS4 features and one that Sony are hesitant to provide because, according to Shawn Layden, it’s “not actually used much”. Of course, this doesn’t stop Sony from pushing PS3 titles in their PlayStation Now service or successfully selling remastering games for the PS4. As Microsoft continue to expand the library of backwards compatible games for the Xbox One, it’s unlikely that Sony will be unable to ignore the demand for backwards compatibility on their machine for much longer. Here’s hoping they make this move “For The Players” sooner rather than later.

3). Better Subscription Services

There are only 2 gaming subscriptions services available on the PS4 at present – The PlayStation Now streaming service and the PlayStation Plus subscription which provides online functionality, exclusive discounts and downloads as well as access to the “instant games collection”. In comparison to the services available on Xbox platforms, this is lacklustre. EA Access, a subscription service which gives access to a vault of EA titles, and the Xbox Games Pass are two services that are forging ahead in terms of offering value for money and player centric thinking, especially now that the Xbox Game Pass includes all First Party offerings on launch date. Oh course, the economics of the Xbox Game Pass are yet to be proven viable and while it works for Microsoft as a selling point for their ailing console, it’s unlikely to make sense for Sony to follow suit when their first party retail sales are so healthy. Instead, perhaps Sony could launch their own Games Pass that includes access to PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus with an expanded offering of games. It wouldn’t hurt Sony to open the doors to other publishers to launch their own services on PS4, akin to EA Access, too.

4). Username Changing

When you choose your PSN username when you first sign up, what you choose is set in stone. There’s never been an option to change the name unless you’ve chosen something that offends someone else, at which point, Sony offer you the opportunity to amend it to something else. To some people, who would desperately like to amend the name they’ve had since the release of the PS3, having this option is paramount. I mean, if you’d chosen xxAsSaSs1Nn1nJa420 or BLAK0P5SKILLZ360NoSc0pE in your youth, you’d be desperate to change it too, right? Sony stated at PSX 2017 that this ability might come at some point in the future but it has gone very quiet since then…

5). Digital Game Gifting

This is a tiny request in the grand scheme of things but digital game gifting – the ability to buy a digital game for another user – is something sorely missing from the PSN. It’s a system that works well on Steam and now on Xbox One and if implemented on PS4, could take out some of the aggravation of buying games as presents for friends who live far away or just around the corner.

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  • February 9, 2018 at 12:37

    I love the idea of Digital Game Gifting, but I’d go one step further & say you should be able to gift digital games you’ve already bought for yourself. You’d have to give up your licensed rights to the game (they’d transfer to the giftee), but it would give us the ability to trade digital games!!

    • February 9, 2018 at 15:03

      Thats’s a great idea – I know there has been a tonne of legal wranglings going on in the States regarding the legality of selling/gifting digital games to others but hopefully that’ll become a reality one day.

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