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Six things Rockstar need to fix for GTA VI

It’s still a long way off, but Paul has been daydreaming about what he wants from a new GTA.  Recently I have been in one of those gaming flumps. You know the ones, where you just can’t seem to decide […]

It’s still a long way off, but Paul has been daydreaming about what he wants from a new GTA. 

Recently I have been in one of those gaming flumps. You know the ones, where you just can’t seem to decide what to play, and when you finally do decide, you kind of get bored real quick so you try another game and so on eventually nothing seems to grab your attention so you end up watching Eastenders.

Anyway, I was in such a flump and decided to visit Grand Theft Auto V again. I haven’t played it for a while, but I do like to pop in from time to time to see what’s happening in the crazy world of Los Santos. Generally, as a rule of thumb, I can always rely on GTA to get me back into gaming. So I loaded up my game, I exited my high-end apartment ready to be greeted by an onslaught of L.A NPCs all chatting and jabbering to each other, traffic jams and the constant honking of car horns. But when I finally got outside after all the loading and faffing around trying to remember the controls I was greeted by an almost silence.

You see the last big open world game I played was Watch Dogs 2, and as you know if you have played it, the NPCs in this world are staggering, they all go about their own lives talk and interact with each other, start fights and so on. It really is a wonder. And so going back to GTA V the once pinnacle of open-world games seemed relatively quiet and all so very scripted. This got me thinking, what would GTA VI need to add or improve to make sure it can get back to the top of the pack of living, breathing open worlds? I hate to admit it but GTA V is starting to show it’s age now, quite badly so here are six things Rockstar should/need to change to make GTA VI the cream of the crop once again.


As mentioned, they need to populate the world more, Get more NPCs in place and let them have the same level of AI as Watch Dogs 2 if not more. It may not sound like a big deal for something that’s not actually part of the game, but it really does bring an extra level of realism to an open world. Sometimes while playing Watch Dogs 2 I would just follow a couple of people and see what they get up to. It’s fascinating. Currently, in GTA there just isn’t that same level of AI and a startling lack of NPCs. The world looks almost empty in comparison.


This has been a bugbear of mine since GTA IV, sort the sodding controls out! I don’t want accurate physics when running! I don’t want to run slower upstairs or uphill. It really slows the gameplay down and becomes tedious and dare I say boring. By all means, employ real-world physics to falls and crashes as they can be funny but damn it let me run up a hill, let me sprint upstairs and for the love of god let me run over wet sand!!! I don’t want to be bogged down in mud. It’s a game, not a real-world simulator even if you do like to pretend it is. Sort out the controls.


Another bugbear of mine are the heists. In theory, a damn good idea, get a crew of four of your mates and earn some big bucks by robbing a bank. In reality, though they suck hard. I mean you HAVE to have four of you playing. Personally, I would like the option to have just me, or me and my mate or have a laugh trying to complete a heist on my own. The worst part though is if one of your crew quit the game, or their internet drops out, the mission is over, no matter how far you have managed to get. So Annoying. So terribly implemented.

Secondly, the heists are just too rigid. They have to be done the exact way Rockstar wants you to do them. This ironically goes against everything GTA stands for. An open world where you can do what you like. As you can see on YouTube, it’s filled with videos of people having fun, doing what they like how they like It’s what makes GTA V magical. Why can’t I land a car on a jumbo jet and take out a hoard of Helicopters while standing on the car? Why Rockstar? Why?


Location is going to be important for GTA VI. With Los Santos they struck gold. you had the glistening waves of Vespucci Beach, the busy claustrophobic city of Vine Wood to the dusty redneck planes of Blaine county and all the way to the peak of Mouth Chilled. There was such a variety in scenery and people it beggars belief at times. It may feel quite empty these days but the amount of detail in Lost Santos will be hard to beat. A potential alternative will be Vice City (or Miami) you could have the neon wonderland of Miami to the lush Everglades, take a dip in Lake Okeechobee, through Orlando and up to Jacksonville. I’m sure this would be possible with Rockstar’s ability to make ‘Caricatures’ of real-world world maps.

This here mod gives a fair idea of what GTA VI could be like. Sort of.


Rockstar should link the single-player campaign to GTA online. Don’t get me wrong the single-player portion of GTA V was a great laugh but almost pointless in a way. Once you had completed the game the fortune you had amassed wasn’t carried over to your online game. Wouldn’t that make sense? It would make you spend longer in the main quest in a bid to become as powerful you can before you take on the rest of the world. I mean past GTA’s have always been about someone down on their luck trying to do good by doing bad. Why can’t that character be you from the start? if that’s the case, then it would do away with the needless three character storyline. As fun as some of the characters were, it was a pain that you couldn’t level up your favourite.


Finally, to make GTA VI really great Rockstar need to speed up the load times in GTA online. They are ridiculous, sometimes having to wait 5 minutes for the game to load. Last night I had to restart the PS4 as I wasn’t sure if the game was loading (10 minutes) or it had crashed so in the hour and a half I had for gaming time I got one mission done thanks to all the load times, searching for players to do jobs, being kicked from heists because someone quit. It’s actually ridiculous. I kind of dread starting a heist, or a job as I know I’ll be waiting in the clouds above the city for what seems like an eternity.

So there you have it. 6 things I think Rockstar need to address when they get to work on GTA VI. I know that GTA V is a few years old now and was originally released on last gen machines so needs to be given a bit of slack. I’m curious to see what Red Dead Redemption 2 brings as it’s likely to be a good indication of things to come in GTA VI.

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