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10 Big Games That Are Likely To Take 2018 By Storm

2017 was a good year for games, with the likes of Shadow of War, Prey, Mario Odyssey and many others taking up our time and letting us escape from reality.  But as the year draws to a close, many gamers will be […]

2017 was a good year for games, with the likes of Shadow of War, Prey, Mario Odyssey and many others taking up our time and letting us escape from reality.  But as the year draws to a close, many gamers will be looking ahead to what will be taking their time and hard earned money in 2018.   So lets take a look at 10 games that look to take 2018 by storm.

1) Red Dead Redemption 2

When Rockstar released a still picture to announce that they were working on Red Dead Redemption the gaming world went wild and couldn’t wait to hop back into the saddle.

This installment puts us in control of Arthur Morgan, who looks to be an enforcer of sorts, collecting debts and letting people know in no uncertain terms he is in charge.  In the trailer that introduced us to him he can be seen telling a young man “Maybe when your mother’s finished mourning your father, I’ll keep her in black — on your behalf” which shows that this character is pretty far removed from the reformed John Marston.

The scenes we saw in the trailer show brilliant landscapes and the graphics look fantastic even down to the smallest detail of giving Horses their….ahem “Undercarriage”, and a domain registered for an online platform which could take it’s lead from GTA online, and bring a whole new element of game play to the franchise..  With this being a prequel I can’t be alone in wondering which characters from Red Dead Redemption will make an appearance, namely John Marston, and could this show how he left the gang?  Hopefully there will be no more delays until we find out and ride into town once again.

2) The Last of Us 2

When The Last of Us was released in 2013 it received critical acclaim and won numerous awards for its story, characters and sheer brilliance. The characters of Elle and Joel led us through a story which wouldn’t have stood out from a Hollywood film and left us wanting more.

So when the trailer dropped of a bloody Elle playing guitar and singing next to a dead body, and saying she was going to “find and kill every last one of them” the whole gaming world stood up and took notice.  So many questions were raised from who was Elle talking to and who were “they”?  More questions were raised when the second trailer was shown at Paris Gaming Week,  introducing us to a brutal beating of persons unknown to us, but one thing is for certain we can’t wait to find out the answers.  With no confirmed release date for 2018 this game could be making next years list too.

3) Far Cry 5

With tensions growing in the real world and more and more divisions appearing in society, Far Cry 5’s premise of a religious cult leader with an Anti-Government stance may be a little to real to life for some.  But from what we have seen so far it looks to be an interesting game to play, with a story that will have you immersed deep into Hope County’s path to “The Edge” led by the Cult Leader Joseph Seed and his militia made up of followers from The Project at Eden’s Gate.

What sets this Far Cry apart from the others is that you can customise your character to be Male or Female, change race and you even have your own canine companion similar to “D-Dog” in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, so this will be an interesting addition to your arsenal.

With a release date slated for the 27th March will we be able to hold on that long before we reach “The Edge” or will we be cleansed and saved? Either way this one should be interesting enough to keep out attention.

You can read out Hands-on impressions of Far Cry 5 HERE.

5) Spider-Man

Even though Spidey has had a few good games in the past, Insomniac’s latest attempt leaves me stupidly excited about getting my hands on this and swinging through New York fighting crime.  But it is how the game is set which is the most intriguing part for me.

Much like the Spider-Man: Homecoming film, the game wont deal with the origin story but take place 8 years after, when you are a more accomplished web slinger.  Dealing with villains such as Kingpin, Mr Negative and Shocker are only one side to the game.  You also have to be Peter Parker and keep your alter ego secret by being a normal guy and going about your daily business, and if this isn’t enough you will also get to play as Daily Bugle Journalist Mary-Jane Watson in a cool twist to grab the attention.

Not wanting to get anybodies hopes up but this could be the time that we all can get as close to being your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man other than getting bit by a radioactive spider ourselves (which would probably kill us instead of giving us powers).

6) Days Gone

Have you ever watched Sons of Anarchy and wondered what it would be like if Jax had to survive in a post apocalyptic wasteland?  Well if you have your prayers could be answered with Days Gone.

Brought to us by Sony Bend, the studio behind Uncharted:Golden Abyss and the Syphon Filter franchise, you take control of Biker Deacon St.John and explore the open world after a Global Pandemic has left the world covered populated with Freakers (They aren’t Zombies, there is a difference…apparently).  The game looks to be a mix of survival crafting and exploration with a good dose of combat action mixed in, along with missions throughout the world you can choose to return to when you are more suited in experience and weapons.

Looking at the trailers if it follows up on all its promise, it could be rivalling Horizon: Zero Dawn as the best open world game on the PS4.

 7) Detroit: Become Human

Previous David Cage games have been a bit of a mixed bag to be truthful.  Heavy Rain was great and engaging but lacked a constant tone throughout, whereas Beyond Two Souls was at times an incoherent mess of a game.  However, with Detroit: Become Human hopes are high within Quantic that this will be their most successful offering yet.

The story revolves around Androids that have become sentient and rebel against their lives of  servitude.  It appears from gameplay videos that rather than the illusion of choice we previously were given, that the player will make genuine choices that will affect the game and whether the characters live or die.

With all the hype around the release, lets hope this one doesn’t disappoint.

You can read out hands-on impressions with Detroit: Become Human HERE.

8) Darksiders 3

After coming to terms that we were not going to have another Darksiders game, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have become everybody’s BFF since they announced that we were getting a third instalment to the cult classics.

This time around you will take control of Fury, a Powerful Mage who utilises her magic and whip to restore the balance between good and evil.  While we don’t have much information on the story of the game, you can safely assume it will be Fury taking on the Seven Deadly Sins and their minions, with lots of fighting along the way.

If it sticks to the same formula that made everyone love the first two games, its safe to say that the third time will be a charm.

9) A Way Out

True Co-op gaming is a dying form.  Long gone are the days when you and a friend would sit down and try to complete Double Dragon or Streets of Rage together (yes I am old as shit). But with A Way Out it looks to breath life into co-op gaming and resurrect it for the new generation of gamers.

Brought to us by Hazelight Studios, the game focuses on Vinny and Leo who you have to break out of prison and try to stay anonymous in society.  The game will feature heavily on players working together to escape and fulfil the battles you will have to face while staying out of sight of the authorities.  The interesting thing is that there is no option to play this as a single player game, so you will either have to buddy up online, or have an old school gaming night with a friend (arguments about the second pad not working properly optional).

With this unique playing mode will A Way Out be a success or will it go down as a failed attempt at a new type of gaming?  We will find out in the months after 23rd March which way it went.

10) Vampyr

Lets face it, Vampires are cool.  They always have cool clothes, awesome accents and are a hit with the opposite sex.  So if you fancy trying it without the pitfalls of sunlight, garlic and small blonde American cheerleaders trying to slay you then Vampyr is the game for you.

Set in 1918 you play Dr Jonathon E. Reid a man who finds he has recently become a vampire after been bitten by a patient who had Spanish Flu. The game plays on the good doctors moral dilemma of wanting to help people, while fighting his thirst for blood. Who you feed on will is up to you as you are able to form relationships with people and then feed on them at will. Obviously there will be others who aren’t too happy with your blood lust, and you will have to battle Human, Vampires and other supernatural creatures throughout the game.

So ready yourself to enter the world Bats, Blood and loss of control (I struggled with the last one) and practice your Count from Sesame Street impression as this game is sure to take over your life.

Got something else on your list of highly anticipated titles for 2018? Hit the comments sections and sound off. 

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