The handheld retro legend returns.

Yes! Nintendo’s classic hand-held gaming wonder machine is coming back, but not in the form you may think. Sure Nintendo’s Mini range of console remakes are doing incredibly well and no doubt we will be seeing more of their classic machines making a come back.

This Game Boy, however, is coming from peripheral manufacturer Hyperkin. It’s also not going to be called the Game Boy. In fact, there is no official name for it right now, but at the moment it’s called the Hyper Game Boy.

The good thing about this new hand-held wonder is that it improves on the original, without ditching much of the charm. For starts the case is made from aluminium, it still retains the volume and contrast dials from the original, but also includes a third dial which will adjust the backlight (which can also be turned off).

It also has stereo speakers on the front along with left and right out channels of those chiptune musicians. The Hyper Game Boy will have a 6-hour rechargeable battery with a USB type C port of refilling with juice.

So what’s the downside? Well, there are no built-in games. It will play all your original Game Boy carts though which is kind of nice. But expect the second-hand price of games to go up. The Hyper Game Boy is expected to release later this year with a reasonable price tag of under $100.

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