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Let Them Come Review – Only High Score Junkies Need Apply

Let Them Come is heavy on the bullets, but there’s not much substance here. The FingerGuns Review; Let Them Come is a corridor shooter where you don’t move, you just shoot. It’s like that corridor scene from Aliens. It’s like […]

Let Them Come is heavy on the bullets, but there’s not much substance here. The FingerGuns Review;

Let Them Come is a corridor shooter where you don’t move, you just shoot. It’s like that corridor scene from Aliens. It’s like a scrolling shooter without the scrolling, It’s like Metal Slug without any platforming. Is it any good for all these stationary antics?

In Let Them Come you are trapped in a corridor, Custer’s last stand as it were, just you, your cannon and a trigger happy finger. Although you can’t move you are able to direct the trajectory of your cannon. Simply enabling you to shoot up and down and any space in between. As far as games go, this is about as simple as you can get. But behind the basics, there is a bit more than initially meets the eye.

If you plan on picking this game up, then you should be prepared to die pretty quick and very often. The mad onslaught of fine pixelated aliens is just too much at first. However, the good news is that when you die you’ll keep your score. This is vital because your score allows you to buy a whole bunch of power-ups, ammo, secondary firearms, armour and gadgets to use in your next run. If you haven’t guessed already this game is one for the high score junkies.

Given the mindless shooting nature of the game, you’d think there wouldn’t be any kind of strategy involved, but it turns out there is a little. For example, you might have some smaller aliens on the roof of the corridor which can be taken out with your secondary weapon (a knife in this case) do you let them come and take them out one by one, so you can focus your firepower on the hoard of aliens charging at you? the trouble is, those little critters on the roof come in numbers, it’s a risk. Alternatively, when an army of aliens are running at you, you’ll feel like it’s certain death looming, but if you can pick out an explosive alien, you can take out the majority of nasties in one shot. So there are some things you need to think about, although it’s not the deepest strategy game, but then it’s not trying to be something for the thinkers.

The good news is that your primary weapon has infinite ammo, but there is a risk your weapon could overheat so you can’t just hold the L2 button down and shoot non-stop. It’s the secondary weapons you have to worry about, the grenades, and gadgets all have alarming finite times. This means you have to re-stock them often, which of course costs points. So by clever design, It’s not just the oncoming swarm of nasties you have to worry about, more tension comes from your bullet supply and your ever decreasing scoreline.

So what happens if you have no score? Well don’t panic too much as randomly through the game you get the chance to ‘win’ a power-up or a weapon by way of a meter, the closer you get the meter to the top the better the weapon, but of course if it reaches the top, then you win nothing. It’s a nice little reprieve if you’re really struggling with your scoreline.

Let Them Come is a strange game to review. Technically it’s not bad, the 16-bit esque graphics are quite wonderful with some lovely modern lighting effects. The shooting is satisfying and punchy and the game itself is quite fun in short bursts. There is enough strategy to stop this become boring very quickly. There are also boss battles every 25 waves or so and online leaderboards to keep your competitive juices flowing. No, the game is fine in that sense. The trouble is, there is nothing else to it. Beyond holding down the fire button, and upgrading there are no different modes, no additional content and no menus full of options.

But like I said earlier, this is really a game for those high score junkies. It’s old-school in both looks and design and for a quick time waster works perfectly. If you’re looking for something deeper, then this is not the game for you.

Let Them Come is available now on PS4 (reviewed) Xbox One and Steam.
Developer: Tuatara Games
Publisher: Verus Evil
Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a review code from the publisher. For our full review policy please go here.
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