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PSX 2017 – 17 Educated Guesses On What To Expect From This Years PlayStation Experience

Days Gone? Death Stranding? Soul Calibur VI? Here’s what we expect to see/not see during the PSX 2017 showcase event. After a successful showing at E3 2017 and a fantastic display at Paris Games Week 2017, Sony are gearing up […]

Days Gone? Death Stranding? Soul Calibur VI? Here’s what we expect to see/not see during the PSX 2017 showcase event.

After a successful showing at E3 2017 and a fantastic display at Paris Games Week 2017, Sony are gearing up for another press event to mark the start of this years PlayStation Experience (AKA PSX 2017).

In previous years, this event has been home to a number of high profile announcements including the reveal of The Last of Us Part II, The announcement of Knack 2, several Yakuza related announcements, the news of the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy and many others.

Sony have been quietly muting expectations for the PSX 2017 ever since much of the content scheduled to be revealed there was moved to the Paris Games Show earlier in the year, opting for a “Showcase” styled show rather than a big presentation. You can expect something similar to Microsoft’s low key Gamescom 2017 presentation in that respect. This being said, Sony’s Sid Shuman has also confirmed there will still be “some cool content” on show.

It’s also important to remember that the PSX event always takes place around about the same time as the G̶e̶o̶f̶f̶ ̶K̶e̶i̶g̶h̶l̶e̶y̶ ̶E̶g̶o̶ ̶S̶t̶r̶o̶k̶e̶ ̶A̶w̶a̶r̶d̶s The Game Awards which always feature a number of “World Exclusive Exclusives Exclusively at The Game Awards” too. While many of the below educated guesses are being rumoured for PSX 2017, they’re equally likely to appear at The Game Awards 2017.

With the rumour mill in overdrive, we thought we’d collate them all up and give our own predictions on what to expect and what not to expect at this years show. Without further ado, here are 17 Educated Guesses On What To Expect at PSX 2017.

1). Dreams Beta and Release Date

Let’s start with the easy one. After a disappointing no-show at Paris Games Week, Media Molecule were quick to reassure fans that the game will be breaking radio silence soon and later confirmed that there will definitely be details announced at PSX 2017. What do we expect? Well, Sony confirmed a Beta for the game for 2017 and I still expect them to hit that window (even if it’s just a few days before 2018) so this is possibly an “Available now” announcement for the Beta during the show. Other than that, a release date for mid-2018 is also likely.

Probability: Dead Cert

2). Devil May Cry 5 Reveal

There have been rumours about a return of Dante in a Devil May Cry game (not the DmC style Dante either) for quite some time and just last week, a ResetEra member seemingly spilled the beans on it. You can read up the full details here if you’d like but the takeaway here is that it’s unlikely to show up at PSX 2017 as it has seemingly been bumped to E3 2018. Personally, I don’t take much stock in that forum post because to have as much information on a game as they seemingly do, you’ve have to be quite high up in the studio/dev team. At that level, there are a tonne of legalities, Non Disclosure agreements etc that are involved and I’m not sure that’s something someone would breach on a gaming forum so brazenly. Still, there’s often no smoke without fire and there’s still hope that DMCV is in development.

Probability: Slim to None.

3). Soul Calibur VI Reveal

A sixquel to Soul Calibur was heavily rumoured to be announced at Paris Games Week this year but the event came and went without a whisper of the name by either Namco or Sony. Since then, several other anonymous sources (one of which was confirmed by the press) have confirmed the existence of the game so there certainly seems to be some truth to the game’s development status. Will we see it at PSX 2017? As a “and one more thing” announcement, Soul Calibur VI would be a fantastic way to end the Sony showcase this year. It’s a brand of fighter that is highly sought after right now with fans foaming at the mouth at the prospect of a new entry. That being said, it might be that Namco want as many cameras and press pointing at it as possible to get the hype train rolling so it might be saved for E3 2018.

Probability: Outside Chance

4). Ghost of Tsushima Game Play

Sony boss Shawn Layden has confirmed that a number of “special guests” will be joining the PSX 2017 showcase to give updates on some of the company’s biggest 1st party games. One of those games is undoubtedly Ghost of Tsushima. With the spectacular announcement at Paris Games Week, we’re eagerly awaiting our first glimpses of what the game will look and play like and I fully expect to see this during the showcase event at PSX.

Probability: High

5). A Destiny 2 Update

With Sony owning the marketing rights to Destiny 2, they take every opportunity to talk about Bungie’s sci-fi epic sequel. You can expect at least a mention of D2 during the PSX showcase. The event is scheduled shortly after the release of the Curse of Osiris DLC so expect some talk on that but there might be something else in store too – The return of Sparrow Racing, anyone?

Probability: High

6). North West Studio VR Game Reveal

As I mentioned in our PGW17 predictions, Sony’s Manchester based VR studio have been on a recruitment drive as of late. They’ve been filling a number of senior positions right through the creative process so it certainly seems like there’s a big project being created there. With SO MANY PSVR systems selling during the Black Friday mania, Sony might want to reassure their customers that there’s plenty more VR games on the way and a great way to do that would be to announce a game or 2 at PSX 2017. It still might be too early to hear what North West Studio is up to but there’s still a small chance.

Probability: Low

7). God of War release date reveal

We know that Kratos & Son: Ass Kicking Incorporated God of War will be releasing in “Early 2018” which means there won’t be another live streamed showcase between PGW 17 and the release of the game – other than PSX 2017. It stands to reason then, that unless the release date of one of the PS4’s biggest 2018 titles is announced via a press release or on the PSBlog (which is unlikely), that it’ll be announced at PSX 2017.

Probability: High

8). Spider-Man release date reveal

Unlike God of War, Insomniac’s Spider-Man has an ambiguous “2018” release date which doesn’t give us much to go on. It’s becoming more and more likely that Spider-Man will release in the latter half of 2018 to take advantage of the higher average consumer spending in that part of the year. It’s an incredibly hyped up title now, probably the tent pole release for Sony in 2018, so I expect it to get a release date reveal under the lights of E3 rather than PSX 2017 but stranger things have happened.

Probability: Low

9). MLB The Show 18 Showcase

It’s now a bit of a tradition for the annual MLB The Show title to get its one and only on-stage appearance during the PSX event. That makes sense. Sports titles rarely go over well on stage at E3, Baseball is a sport that’s mostly enjoyed by Americans so showing at Gamescom, Tokyo Games Show and Paris Games Week would be a bit of a waste and that leaves the PlayStation Experience as the best place to show it. For the past 2 years, PSX has played host to a short MLB showcase and expect the same this year.

Probability: High

10). A Days Gone Demonstration & possible release date

Sony Bend’s zombie survival shooter Days Gone has been a tad quiet this year seeing as though it is still pencilled in for a “First Half of 2018” release. If the game is to release in that window, you can expect at least a release date announcement and possibly a game play demonstration or trailer.

Probability: Mid to High

11). A Syphon Filter Announcement

Get your salt ready. Sony recently registered a new trademark for Syphon Filter. It’s not unusual for companies to re-register trademarks for IP’s that are not currently being used (The Agent, anyone?) but the registration has, of course, caused a bit of a stir. Now, I wouldn’t go into PSX 2017 expecting anything to be announced regarding Syphon Filter and even if there is an announcement, it’ll likely be a remastered collection. I doubt we’ll be getting an answer to that cliff hanger ending the series was left on any time soon.

Probability: Lower Than Trump’s Approval Rating

12). The From Software/Sony Japan Title Announcement

This rumour just won’t go away. It surfaced at E3 and again during Paris Games Week and, right on cue, we’re seeing mutterings about it before PSX 2017. So, what do we know? We know that Sony Studio Japan and From Software are still collaborating on something. What exactly that is is still a mystery. Rumours of Bloodborne II have repeatedly been shot down and the rumoured Phantom Wail has yet to materialise and likely never will. Will we see an announcement of this project at PSX 2017? It’s very unlikely. A new From Software title is likely to be a system seller and Sony will want as many eyes on the announcement as possible. Seeing as though PlayStation have been downplaying the announcements to be made at PSX, it’s unlikely we’ll see something of this magnitude.

Probability: More chance of punching fog

13). Star Wars: Battlefront 2 DLC Details

Another of Sony’s marketing moneyhats, the divisive Battlefront 2 has been marketed with the PlayStation logo throughout. The first batch of DLC for the Star Wars shooter – containing Finn and Captain Phasma multiplayer Hero/Villains as well as new ‘Resurrection’ chapters for the single-player mode, charting the First Order’s rise to power – drops on the 13th of December, just a few days after PSX 2017, so you’re likely to see a few details about that during the showcase. There might also be announcements for the DLC for 2018 too.

Probability: High

14). A Death Stranding Update or Trailer

It has been almost a year since we saw the spine tingling introduction of Mads Mikkelsen to the Death Stranding cast at The Game Awards 2016 and, given that Kojima is likely to attend the awards show this year thanks to his friendship (maybe more?) with host Geoff Keighley, we might be due another trailer too. Death Stranding is still a long way away from completion, probably due at tail end of 2018 at the earliest, more than likely 2019, but Kojima-san has been very forthright in teasing us with mysterious trailers.

Probability: 50/50

15). An Indie Game Showcase

After Sony were heavily criticised for their lack of indie games during their E3 press conference, they’ve made a concerted effort to put more indie developers in their shows. Their Paris Games Week pre-show had a myriad indie games on show and you can expect something similar at PSX 2017. Looking through the list of confirmed exhibitors for PSX 2017 reveals a few surprises, among them being William Pugh (the man behind the Stanley Parable) and his Crows Crows Crows studio. Interestingly, Crows Crows Crows don’t currently have a confirmed PS4 game in development but do have a VR game called “Accounting” in development in collaboration with Justin Roiland (of Rick and Morty fame). Could “Accounting” be coming to PSVR? Watch this space, I guess. We will, no doubt, have a selection of indie games on display.

Probability: Dead Cert

16). Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

Rogue is Assassin’s Creed’s most underappreciated entry. It released at the same time as Assassin’s Creed Unity was getting a huge marketing push and released to mixed critical acclaim. Now, it appears that Rogue will be getting a new lease of life on PS4 (and Xbox One) in 2018. A few retailers have listed the game as releasing on the current gen platforms in March-April time and we can expect a confirmation of the port/remaster in December at either PSX 2017 or during The Game Awards.

Probability: Mid to High

17). More information on The Last of Us Part II

Every time I ask the rest of the FingerGuns team what they expect to see at PSX 2017, Paul says “The Last of Us Part II” like a giddy school girl. Personally, I think it’s far too early for more information on Naughty Dogs current project. Rumour has it that the trailer we saw at Paris Games Week was moved forward because it was ready and would have had a decent impact on the European show. This means that it’s less likely to appear at PSX 2017 in any way, shape or form.

Probability: Slim to None

So there you have it. Seen a rumour we’ve not mentioned? Got your own predictions for PSX 2017? Head to the comments section to sound off.

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