Exploring Odyssey is a complete joy, and we’ve been capturing the fun everywhere we go. 

OK, let’s not beat around the bush here. Super Mario Odyssey is utterly sensational. You know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. No Egyptian Assassin or Nazi Punching brute was going to beat out Mario on the fateful October 27th in our eyes, and it’s proven to be the right decision.

Paul and Rossko have both been exploring Odyssey up and down and have been capturing some of the worlds most amazing moments, and with the terrific Snapshot mode, have some rather impressive pictures to show off that demonstrate just how substantial the Snapshot feature is. Below is a bunch of our favourite shots. 22 to be exact. Enjoy.

Spoiler note: The snaps below have been vetted to ensure they stay as spoiler free as possible. If you want to stay completely blind though before you proceed in Odyssey – and there are no story spoilers below of any kind – it may be best not to read this article just yet and come back later. 

Dinosaurs get bloody everywhere in Mario Odyssey. Be sure to keep an eye out. Um, not that you can miss an enormous T-Rex I guess..

Mario can get a little wet at times, and he always seems surprised when he throws Cappy on a hydrant.

Still, at least he can be prepared for the water in certain areas. Still can’t breathe underwater with a snorkel though…

When it’s time to relax Mario won’t do much better than hitting the Seaside Kingdom. Mario’s loving it.

Not that he needs to go there, Mario can find relaxation in pretty much any kingdom he finds himself in. Here he is having a nap near a giant waterfall in the Cascade Kingdom.

Still, he does like the Seaside Kingdom an awful lot, so much so that while he was posing for this arty picture, he had no idea there was a Moon right behind him awaiting capture to power his ship, the Odyssey. Probably looking out, reminiscing about old times…

Still, he can still live out his old school days whenever he likes, just needs to go through a pipe and boom! Blocks.

The Sand Kingdom is a happy place, though Mario is still in demand by those pesky Goombas who want revenge after he made them all stack on top of each other against their will.

Not that Mario really cares all that much, he has been teaching himself the ancient ways of the Samurai in Bowser’s Kingdom.

The benefit of course being that he can visit Bowser’s Kingdom whenever he likes and paint, much like he did here >

He has to prepare himself, readying his mindset for the horror of flying Paragoombas.

All he really wants to do is hang out with Pauline in New Donk City. He’s a fan of capturing the essence of the city with his paintbrush.

See that Mario sign? He made it himself and is bloody smug about it if we’re being honest…

Not that the residents seem to mind. Mario is their watchful protector. Their Dark Knight…

He keeps an eye on the city, ensuring it doesn’t get attacked again by giant crawling robot mech things.

Still, he does like to have fun in the Metro Kingdom too. He gets a pass for being a public menace because he’s Mario and he saved all of their lives. Fair One.

He’s a bit of a tourist too, taking selfies with the local attractions. He’s a fan of the local music scene.

He likes to get the best views possible when the band are playing, but how does he get so high? Why, he takes the electrical lines of course.

He a big fan of them, ngl..

Despite the craziness of his Odyssey journey, he likes to jump around in flowers for some reason because why not. He is in this shot somewhere.

He also likes to fish, hunting Moons by capturing Latiku.

But for Mario, nothing beats the Seaside Kingdom for relaxation. Well, except for one other place, but that’s way too much of a spoiler to be placed here…

 Good old Mario, thanks for coming back into our lives.

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