That game the Master Race keep banging on about is coming to PS…wait. No. Xbox One. 

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has finally got its Xbox One release date, and it’s gonna be a merry Christmas if you’ve got yourself a member of the X1 family.

The game will get a full release on December 12th, after ‘gestating’ in Early Access since April and serves as one of the systems primary console exclusives this holiday, with the game being one of the biggest in the world this year.


In an interesting move, the Xbox One version will run on Microsoft’s Azure servers, rather than the Amazon servers which the PC version use, which may limit crossplay possibilities but then hey, those PC folk don’t want you console peasants to play against anyway so maybe it’s for the best?

The game will be digital only initially, and will also see Xbox One X enhancements such as HDR and 4K sometime after launch.

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