To celebrate the release of Odyssey, some cosplay from a guy you deny being aware of. 

Do you know that everyone’s favourite mustachioed plumber Ron Jeremy once dressed up as Mario? Well, he did.

A quick Google ensured that we could find some truly wonderful images that’ll ensure your plumbing needs a guy in.

To be fair to Ron Jeremy – which is something I never thought I’d write in an article -, he does have a certain Mario-ness about his particular furry face.

I mean, I don’t particularly want to know exactly where these pictures origin from, yet here we are. I probably don’t need Mario porn in my life and yet, if there’s a dude out there who dresses as Luigi then maybe I’d be in. Wait..what?

So there we are, should there be any more, this article will be continuously updated. Because we know you love it, and we do too.

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