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18 Educated Guesses On What To Expect from Sony @ Paris Games Week ’17

A new Sucker Punch title? A Soul Calibur VI announcement? A PS4 Pro price drop? A new From Software IP? All this and more in our educated guesses on what to expect and not expect from Sony during their Paris […]

A new Sucker Punch title? A Soul Calibur VI announcement? A PS4 Pro price drop? A new From Software IP? All this and more in our educated guesses on what to expect and not expect from Sony during their Paris Games Week 2017 presentation.

Paris Games Week is normally an odd time for Sony. It’s 4 months after E3 and 2 months before their own PlayStation Experience meeting in December. It’s sandwiched between PlayStation’s two biggest annual presentations which normally means that there are a few minor announcements, a tad more gameplay footage and little else to show in Paris.

But Paris Games Week 2017 is different.

With Microsoft opting to skip PGW 2017 and have a live stream presentation at Gamescom 2017 in August, this gives Sony the perfect opportunity to step in a week before the launch of the Xbox One X and set out an attractive alternative in the run up to Christmas. Sony are promising “big new game announcements and updates” after they “held back at E3” in a ploy to knock the hype right out of the Xbox One X on the eve of it’s launch. If even half of the rumours and speculation are correct, they’ll likely succeed.

Without further ado, here are 18 educated guesses on what to expect from Sony at Paris Games Week 2017.

1). The Mysterious Sucker Punch Game

Sucker Punch Productions, the studio behind Sly Cooper and the Infamous series, have been recruiting for an open world game for years now. The studio have been worryingly quiet about their new project with an equal number of rumours are circulating about their new title being a new open world IP and a sequel to Infamous: Second Son. Many, myself included, expected to see Sucker Punch on stage at E3 but this is likely to be one of the games that were “held back” by Sony due to the Microsoft press conference. With rumours doing the rounds that we’ll see the game “very soon” and Yoshida-san saying he has played the game “many times” already, Paris Games Week seems like the next most likely place for it to be unveiled. An announcement at PGW with a follow up game-play demonstration at PSX 2017 would certainly get the hype train rolling.

Probability: 80%

2). New PixelOpus title

Remember PixelOpus? They were the team that took to the stage at E3 2014 to announce their “Available…NOW” game Entwined. Since then, they’ve joined the newly formed Sony San Mateo Studio and have been working on something new. So what do we know? Well, very little other than “Project 2” is likely to be a bigger game than Entwined and that they hired an Environmental Artist in 2016 so it’s probably not going to be another twin-stick tunnel puzzler. Whatever it is that PixelOpus have been working on, it’s been a few years in development so we’re likely to get a look at it soon. Perhaps during PGW?

Probability: 50/50

3). More WiLD Gameplay & a Release Date

With Michel Ancel starting work on Beyond Good & Evil 2, you’d have thought he would be close to wrapping up work on PS4 exclusive WiLD relatively soon. The title was worryingly absent from E3 2017 but Sony were quick to reassure fans that the game was not cancelled. The last update for the game came from Ancel’s Instagram account where he said that “Getting lost in your own game is a great satisfaction”. And hot damn does that look pretty. Hopefully, we’ll get a release date and a stage demonstration again this year at PGW.

Probability: Highly Likely

4). New Hardware

There have been a number of rumours floating around recently about a potential PS5 or a “hybrid” PS4 to be unveiled soon. Tracing each one back to their origin always arrives at the same conclusion – They’re made up rumours by a fan. That’s not to say Sony isn’t working on Research & Development for a new console (R&D almost never stops so you can guarantee they are working on something) but this is likely to be years away. There’s a slim chance Sony might reveal a slim version of the PS4 Pro but I wouldn’t bank on that either.

Probability: Slim to None

5). More God of War footage and a release date

God of War is easily the most anticipated game of 2018 right now and Sony will want to keep that hype train rolling right up until launch. We’re bound to get a new extended stage demo at either PGW or PSX and that’s probably dependent on when the game releases. An apparent Amazon leak puts the game releasing between July 5 and July 10 2018 (my money’s on July 6th 2018 worldwide) and with the above trailer releasing recently, I can’t see Sony wanting to air more of the game so soon. That being said, I won’t count out a release date reveal at PGW 2017.

Probability: 60/40

6). New VR Project from Manchester Studio

Sony Manchester is a studio dedicated to creating VR games. It was set up in 2015 and has yet to release a game but the studio is currently in a rapid upscaling phase as it is hiring 7 senior developers including Game Designers, Level Designers, VFX designers and Artists. This kind of recruitment drive normally means one thing – there has been a green light on something. Paris Game Show might be a little too early to hear something from Sony Manchester as the recruitment is for senior level staff so development might not be very far along BUT it might be that the scope of a current project has grown, which could mean PGW is the perfect time to show it off in its current state.

Probability: Outside Chance

7). A Marvel’s Spider-Man Release Date

Spider-Man is another highly anticipated PS4 exclusive that’s nearing completion. We know that it’ll release in 2018 and sources are claiming it’ll be Q1 2018. Announcing an early 2018 release date for Spider-Man would certainly grab some headlines leading up to the Christmas rush and I expect Sony to do exactly that.

Probability: 80%

8). A Bloodborne 2/Spin Off/New From Software IP Teaser

You might scoff at this (and you should) but let’s unpack what we actually know for sure about Bloodborne 2. We know that From Software are still partnering with Sony Japan Studios according to both parties so we can disseminate that at least one of the projects at the studio with be a PS4 exclusive. We know that Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki has said he has moved on from the series to work on a new IP. We also know that From Software producer Teruyuki Toriyama has said that the studio are working on multiple projects as well as a new IP. If Miyazaki-san is now working on a new IP (which discounts Bloodborne) could it be a spin off? Or could Bloodborne 2 be coming from another team within From Software without the guide of Miyakazi? Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa from Sony Japan has been working with From Software on something since the launch of Bloodborne which has led many to believe it’s a follow up, but it might be that this is the much rumoured Phantom Wail that did the rounds of the rumour mill during E3. Regardless, it appears that Sony and From Software are working together on another game and it appears to have been in the works for around 2 years. Now feels like the right time to unveil what that game is and PGW 2017 seems like a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Probability: A long shot but possible

9). Call of Duty WW2 Footage

Sony have once again sewn up a DLC and marketing deal for the latest Call of Duty meaning that the DLC packs for WW2 will be exclusive to the PS4 for at least a month. With Sony’s PGW 2017 show happening just a few days before the release of the game, you can almost guarantee that the game will make at an appearance during Sony’s PGW briefing as a last minute reminder that the game is imminently releasing.

Probability: Dead Cert

10). Dreams Release Date Announcement and Beta

Media Molecule’s long awaited create-’em-up Dreams was missing from Sony’s E3 2017 lineup but the team were quick to reassure fans that the game is still coming and that they had begun work on the story mode. A source has said that the tools and general structure of the game is complete but the uniqueness of the game had created its own challenges in term of content. A beta trial was promised for 2016 which was pushed back to 2017 and I still expect Mm to stick to this window, perhaps with an “available now” announcement at PGW 17 or maybe PSX 2017.

Probability: High

11). Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

Another of Sony’s marketing money hats, Star Wars Battlefront II releases a matter of days after PlayStation’s PGW press conference. You can expect at least a brief appearance of EA’s new shooter on stage on in the pre-show. We’ve yet to see anything of the single player content beside some cut scenes and it might be that EA & Dice are holding back to show this at PGW.

Probability: Dead Cert

12). Soul Calibur VI Announcement

Prepare a truckload of salt for this one. There has been a general buzz around a potential new Soul Calibur game since the series is celebrating its 20th Birthday. There has been no official word from Bandai Namco but there’s certainly a desire for a new entry. Elsewhere, it’s rumoured that Sony are vying to be the home of fighting games. In steps some random dude on NeoGaf that says a friend in the industry is looking at how Sony could publish Soul Calibur VI in Europe. There’s no confirmation for this source but this was enough for some people to class it as fact, hence why it’s on this list.  This comes from nowhere but wouldn’t be the first time that Sony have published a game in one region while others publish elsewhere (Sony published Nioh in Europe and America while Koei Tecmo published it in Japan). Will this happen? Well, we’ve seen stranger things happen but this might be little more than a hopeful dream.

Probability: Slim to None.

13). More Playlink Titles

Sony certainly seem to be throwing a lot of weight into their Playlink titles and have been testing the waters with “That’s You!” as part of PlayStation Plus for the past few months. These titles, which use smartphones to add a level of immersion and accessibility that are missing otherwise, are coming thick and fast for the rest of the year with Hidden Agenda, Sing Star Celebration, Knowledge is Power and Frantics (you can read our preview of that HERE) set to release in 2017. These titles, while unlikely to sell PS4’s alone, are a very easy way to demonstrate how entertaining the console can be at parties (similar to how the Wii achieved its success) so I’m expecting a few more to be announced at either PGW or at PSX 2017.

Probability: Mid to High

14). A PS4 Pro Price Drop

What better way to kick the Xbox One X in the chin on the eve of its release than to announce that a console that’s capable of much the same will be getting a price drop? Yikes. If Sony do want to gun for Microsoft’s new console, having a whole segment of their PGW 2017 show where they talk about the 4K capability of the PS4Pro followed by a price reduction, putting it significantly cheaper than the X during the Christmas shopping window would be one way to undermine it.

Probability: 50/50

15). A trailer For The Last of Us Part 2

Just reading through the replies to every tweet by Neil Druckmann is to wade through a sea of “WHEN IS TLOU pt 2 RLEASING?//??//???”. The latest update is that Druckmann and company are currently hard at work on the script for the game which means that this title is a long way off. Don’t get your hopes up for game play, a trailer or anything else at PGW 2017 or even at PSX 2017. It feels too early for that.

Probability: Slim to None.

16). A Release Date for Detroit: Become Human

Word on the grapevine is that Detroit: Become Human is close to completion but is still aiming for a 2018 release date. If it’s to release in early 2018, January or February perhaps, then PGW 2017 would be the perfect date to announce it in order to give people enough time to pre-order etc. If the game is to release later in 2018, March or later, I expect it to pop up at PSX 2017 instead. You can read our hands on preview of Detroit by clicking HERE.

Probability: 50/50

17). A Destiny 2 Update & official DLC announcement

Sony are marketing partners with Activision and Bungie for Destiny 2 which includes a selection of exclusive weaponry for PS4 players. This also means that Sony normally manage to put the game on stage during all their major press briefings. As Bungie had promised a more rapid DLC release schedule for Destiny 2 when compared to the original and because some details already managed to sneak out because of a Xbox Store listing, I expect an official announcement of Curse of Osiris soon, perhaps during Sony’s PGW 2017 showing.

Probability: High

18). A live demonstration of Horizon Zero Dawn – The  Frozen Wilds

The highly anticiapted DLC to the serious Game of The Year contender Horizon Zero Dawn is due out a month after Paris Games Week and a live stage demo seems like the best way to put it front and centre.

Probability: Dead Cert

Sony’s Paris Games Week event will be held on 30th October at 4pm UK time. That’s 5pm local time in Paris, or for our American readers, 12pm Eastern or 9am Pacific.

So that’s our predictions, but what about yours? Is there anything else you expect to see or not see during Sony’s PGW 2017 press conference? Sound off in the comments.

Make sure to stick with FingerGuns for more information as it happens during Paris Games Week 2017.

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