TT Games super sequel landed on the EGX floor, and a big fan had some thoughts…

Well, then. TT Games. We meet again.

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve jumped into a LEGO game. I remember being completely down with everything they released, and each drop I’d be all over it collecting studs, discovering every single red block to unlock every perk and extra I could find. I’ve blitzed – and spent FAR too much money on – LEGO Dimensions, and whilst I’m all but done with that with little interest in the recent packs, I felt like I was ready to jump into a new full-blown experience. I’ve always enjoyed the LEGO games so why should Marvel Super Heroes 2 be any different?

It isn’t. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is utterly bonkers.

Set up neatly at the PlayStation stand, the portion of the game that was presented featured those ragamuffins the Guardians of the Galaxy attemping to take down a rather large enemy that was causing all kinds-a h*ck. Across the demo I was able to control damn near every member – including Baby Groot who was taking serious pleasure in smashing the hell outta some LEGO grunts – as it was a true team effort to take his big bad down. This isn’t anything particularly new in the LEGO series I know, the games have a very unique formula and each successive game is based around the evolution of that core gameplay, rather than completely revolutionising each new experience.

LMSH2 is no different, the team work aspect and choosing the correct character for a single task feels as natural as ever, and in this particular demo, with so much going on all at once it did feel a little tricky finding them amongst the chaos. If there’s ever a particular gameplay mechanic I wish Tt would refine, it’s this one.

As I hit this boss level, the mighty Sean Davies jumped on the second controller (after his demo of The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame crashed on him, no less) and it then became two 30+ year old men playing a LEGO game together and it all kind of fell into place. I rarely play LEGO games co-operatively but it was rather nice to share the load as I tried to work out what the hell on earth I was meant to be doing. Sean being Sean picked it up all pretty quickly and I was soon able to catch up after dealing with a bunch of LEGO goons, even if it was brilliant fun smashing them up with Baby Groot.

The one thing I missed on this demo was the audio, of which there were none. There were a couple of dialogue scenes and disappointingly, I missed out on the fun dialogue we’ve become so used to with LEGO games. I was hoping I would get a chuckle or two and ended up stone faced when I couldn’t hear anything that was going on. Obviously this isn’t the games fault and instead it was the stand I played on, but I felt like I missed out on a core LEGO game experience purely because the TV’s were muted.

Despite this, I’m still a bit excited for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. It all feels like exactly how it’s supposed to and to that end, I don’t have any real concerns going into the final release.

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