PlayLink returns and it’s still really, really fun. 

I’ve played a lot of That’s You. If I have a friend around it’s the first game I break out to see how well we can get through the game and see just how hardcore we know each other. I played it with my best friend and we got the top and my girlfriend didn’t. It’s a contentious area, I’m not sure she’s fully over it but we continue on regardless.

Still, what that tells me is that PlayLink is a cracking addition to Sony’s pantheon of gaming options on PS4. The biggest selling point of course is that absolutely anyone can jump in on their mobile and become part of the game instantly. It’s a simple concept that any gamer – casual, hardcore or otherwise – can understand and before you know it you’ve got a bunch of people together playing games without having to spend extortionate amounts on controllers.

So as Sean and myself made our way around the PlayStation stand, the opportunity to literally sit down was wonderfully appealing and we found ourselves playing Frantics, the upcoming four player mobile game for PlayLink, and we had an absolute blast.

You’re tasked with picking your favourite farm animal and then taking them into a variety of mini games which you control on your phone. This can be using your phones gyroscope to navigate your animal across an icy platform in order to force other players to fall off, take reign over a platform for a specified amount of time whilst literally batting away other players with a stick to reign supreme or even manipulating each others cars to ensure they lose a quick racing minigame. The PlayStation rep next to me was also given a secret mission to mess with our fourth players car to ensure that they win the game. Sadly, it was all for not as I took the game from under their nose. Badaboom.

I can see Frantics becoming a really fun party game, and a solid addition to PlayLink. It includes a fun variety of characters and an impressive voiceover performance from your taskmaster, the Fox. Throughout the playthrough we were laughing, and with the straightforward control system it’s not exactly difficult to get into. I think my parents could understand what you have to do in order to succeed.

It would seem the game is nearly done and dusted, though with a March 2018 release scheduled it would seem there is still plenty of time to get the 15 included minigames up to scratch. The three we played were, well, frantic and a lot of fun. If you want to win those all important crowns you need to have your wits about you, as the game can swing from your hands to someone elses in seconds, and that’s the beauty of Frantics. Even when you’re on top it feels like you’re never quite comfortable and that it could all fall apart at any moment.

Don’t miss it when it launches in March next year.

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