The cult drift racer hits Nintendo Switch in a surprise reveal just before EGX. 

Out of absolutely nowhere, the reveal that Mantis Burn Racing was coming to Switch caused a fair ripple across the internet the day before EGX. The big news however was that not only was it coming out on Nintendo Switch, it was also going to be playable on the system at EGX. I was excited, mainly because Mantis Burn Racing is absolutely brilliant fun.

So how does it play on Switch? Well, to my absolute delight it feels exactly like how I wanted it to feel. The cars feel weighty but with a strong sense of control, the visuals are as tight and crisp as they appear on my treasured PS4 version, the drifting is utterly wonderful and well, as ever, the best version of a game could just end up on Nintendo’s shiny new hybrid (hey there Sonic Mania, looks like you have some company up there).

As I headed over to check the game out, I could actually feel my heart beating a little faster. I don’t know why, but MBR has always held a special place in my gaming library. Maybe it’s because I’m not actually all that good at racers and yet, I’m pretty solid on Mantis Burn Racing. Is it easy? I don’t think it is, it requires pitch perfect accuracy taking it around corners and allows very little room for error. We were told not to take it to hard around the corners, and I was on board with this as it wasn’t really how I played the game anyway. As soon as it started and once I got used to playing the game on a Switch Pro controller (the best controller currently available and I will fight you on this), as so many has done before it, MBR feels absolutely glorious on the Switch.

The brilliant VooFoo Studios, in their infinite wisdom, had a fun time-beater challenge going each day whilst showcasing the game. With their own version of Top Gear’s ‘Reasonably Priced Car’ lap-time board, they could show off just how many people had jumped on and experienced the new version of the game and if you could beat 1.04s, they would throw you a t-shirt. Pretty cool and this got Sean and mine’s competitive backs up and as such, we jumped on with every intention of absolutely smashing it and walking away drowning in MBR branded tees.

As ever, our hubris may have gotten the better of us and neither of us hit the time, though we got very close with Sean at 1.05 and myself at 1.06. I was hoping I would beat the score considering my love for the game and yet, I left without a tee. Except for the one I had on, obviously. I blame the new controller, if anybody asks.

That’s the wonderful thing about this announcement, I didn’t even know I wanted it. I can go through now a list of games I’d love to see ported onto the Switch, and for some reason MBR never really popped into my head and yet, when I read the VooFoo announcement I shouted out a very vocal ‘OF COURSE’, it just makes perfect sense and if it continues to the end of its development cycle at this standard, I’m going to be there day one without a second thought.

There’s no confirmed release date as yet, though ensure we’ll keep you updated. We can’t wait to get this on our shiny handhelds.

Another game has found its forever home all over again.

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