Exzore: The Rising for PS4, PC & Xbox One gets new trailer about the hero, Damian Clive.

Tiny Shark Interactive has launched a new trailer for its upcoming 2018 open world RPG, Exzore: The Rising. If this is the first you’re hearing about Exzore, it’s a third-person action adventure game set in the fictional land of Eogaan. The game is filled with “sprawling cities, thick forest, majestic castles, unfathomed caves, dozens of settlements, abandoned ruins, icy peaks and natural organic space” that’ll feature “various natural factors like time, seasons, weather and a day-night cycle. The game also promises that player interaction will “alter the game world, making it more alive“. If the game can deliver on all of this, it’ll be quite something.

This new trailer introduces Damien Clive, the former commander of the Exzore army unit, “as he is emerges from the ashes of his betrayal to seek retribution and regain his honour“.

Damien Clive is capable of killing people with both a fine longsword or mighty warhammer and can equip up to six medieval gadgets and use them for combat benefits as he enacts his revenge on those that have wronged him. He’s also assisted by his trusty Golden Eagle named Icarus who can scout ahead, find treasure or aid in battle.

Tiny Shark Interactive will be taking to Kickstarter to look for funding to finish off Exzore: The Rising so if you like the look of this game, make sure you’re following the games official Twitter account or Facebook page to stay up to date on developments.

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