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2 Indie, 2 Furious: 25 (More) Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting Excited About

There’s just too many promising indie games to talk about, so we’ve done *another* list of games we think you should be excited about. After hitting the “Publish” button for last month’s “34 Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting excited about”, […]

There’s just too many promising indie games to talk about, so we’ve done *another* list of games we think you should be excited about.

After hitting the “Publish” button for last month’s “34 Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting excited about”, I was instantly hit with a wave of regret. That’s normally because I’ve spotted a typo or some poor grammar and I have to rush to try and fix it before someone takes to the comments section to berate me – but this time it was different. This time, I regretted that we didn’t talk about more games. Don’t get me wrong, the 31 indie games we talked about were all superb choices (and some are out now our predictions about them being good were right on the money) but as soon as I hit “Publish”, I thought about a load more incredibly promising indie games that deserved to share that spotlight. A day later, I started a new list and a month on and we’re back with a sequel titled “2 Indie, 2 Furious: 25 (More) Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting Excited About”. Enjoy.

1). Drift Stage

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC & PS4 (and potentially Linux & other consoles)

Combining the pastel/neon aesthetics from the good ol’ days of the 80’s and the gameplay of modern day racers, Drift Stage is a racer aiming to emulate the classic racers of yore by bring them into the 21st Century. With a roster of cars inspired by the angled speedsters of the 80’s and 90’s and race tracks reminiscent of a Miami Vice car chase scene, Drift Stage is one to keep your eye on should it finally release this year. Keep up to date on the development of Drift Stage by following the team on Twitter, on Tumblr or via the game’s official site.

2. Dead Static Drive

Release Date: TBC
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One & PS4

Seconds after publishing our first indie list, user Finc reminded us of Dead Static Drive and we collectively slapped our foreheads for missing it off the list in the first place (thanks for that Finc). Described by developer Mike Blackney as ‘Grand Theft Cthulhu’, Dead Static Drive is a driving survival game where you take a horror-themed road trip across a grim but gorgeous America. Lovecraftian monsters and bloodcurdling beasties will be waiting for you in the shadows and you can beat them back with axes, chainsaws, hedge trimmers and much more. I highly recommend following Mike on twitter (@kurtruslfanclub) as well as the official twitter account because he posts incredible gifs of the game and isn’t averse to sharing some development bloopers like this…

3. Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure

Release Date: July 26th, 2017
Platforms: PC (out now), PS4, Xbox One & Switch

Rossko & I have been waiting for Unbox for years and the console version is just a month away now. We’ve played it numerous times at various trade shows and since the game has released on PC and there’s only two word to describe it – Incredible Fun. The game is a 3D puzzle platforming adventure where you play self delivering parcels with personality that’s a real breath of fresh air. Developed by Prospect Games, the console version is being published by Merge Games.

4. Promethium

Release Date: 18th August, 2017
Platforms: PC

Byron Atkinson-Jones is part of the furniture in the games industry. Over the years he has worked at Lionhead, Sega Sports Interactive, Rebellion, EA and many more British studios before setting up his own, Xiotex Studios, a decade ago. At his own studios, he’s developed a best selling VR game in the Caretaker series and released one of the most accessible and addictive Shmups I’ve ever played in the form of “Blast Em!” among others. His latest game, Promethium, was brought about by a bought of depression and is a Shmup inspired by Uridium, Nemesis and Gradius that “reflects the deep dark places that depression takes you and is hard to come back from” – a pretty interesting angle. Byron has also started an interesting Patreon where we creates videos on how he creates games. Follow @xiotex on twitter to keep up to date on the Promethium news and if you’re like me, you’ll probably find out he had a hand in some of your favourite games from the past.

5. ShadowHand

Release Date: July, 2017
Platforms: PC

Ever heard of Regency Solitaire? If not, it’s the drastically underrated game that put an imaginative, romantic twist on Solitaire AKA “the lonely man’s game”. Well, developers Grey Alien Games and Positech are taking this concept further with ShadowHand. With solitaire-style turn-based combat, RPG-esque gear and stats and a lovely 18th Century aesthetic, ShadowHand is releasing within a month and I personally can’t wait.

6. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC

Just press play on the above trailer. Just do it. I must have watched it at least 20 times and am still impressed by it. I’ve not managed to see this game in person yet but everything I’ve read on RPS, The Guardian and many more media outlets have me hyped about it nonetheless. A personal, narrative based game journeying through a bleak American folktale with a hand-drawn 2D meets 3D world? Sign me up.

7. Tiny Trax

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PSVR

We’re big fans of developers Futurlab here at FingerGuns because they’re got an impressive record of creating exciting game play experiences. Coconut Dodge, Surge Deluxe, Velocity Ultra and Velocity 2X are all top quality games and Tiny Trax seems to be continuing that trend. Jump, Boost and drift around the colourful charm of 12 race tracks inspired by slot-car racers all in VR. Follow @Futurlab on twitter to keep up with all of the Tiny Trax news.


Release Date: Summer, 2017
Platforms: PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Buddy Cop + Co-Op Shooter = A Buddy Co-Cop Shooter. With shades of classic game XIII shining through, RICO is about teaming up with a friend and blasting through enemies in slow-mo to solve a crime. Ground Shatter’s first game, SkyScrappers, is a favourite here at FingerGuns so we’re quite excited about what they can do next with RICO. Go give them a follow on Twitter.

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  • June 29, 2017 at 10:39

    Basically no Switch games hardly and the Switch has the better Indie games by far on and coming to the console,what biassed list to promote the ps4,let me say this the ps4 in it’s 1st year on the market had framerate problems on almost every game and resolution issues some games nit even native HD,so the Switch is performing much better from a technical standpoint then what ps4 did at release…..JUST SAYING,also Redout Switch trailer shows the best graphics on this list.

    • June 29, 2017 at 14:58

      This list was put together without a bias towards any platform. It’s just a list of games we think look really promising, regardless of platform.
      Fun Fact: Almost every game on this list will be available on PC. Many are ONLY coming to PC. Surely that would show a bias towards PC gaming? Rather than PS4? Just Saying.

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