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Crossout Review: Car Creation Chaos

Crossout Review Have you ever played Rocket League and wished you could slap a gun turret to your car and go on a shooting spree to help make the goal scoring easier?   Well if you have you’ll be pleased […]

Crossout Review

Have you ever played Rocket League and wished you could slap a gun turret to your car and go on a shooting spree to help make the goal scoring easier?  

Well if you have you’ll be pleased to know that Crossout is sort of like that. It’s a car combat game, once a popular genre that seems to have fallen by the wayside since the likes of Twisted Metal. So it’s nice to see Crossout give it a good go.

So, the setting is your bog standard not too distant future affair, everything has been wiped out by an epidemic called Crossout which sent everyone a little mad. 20 years later, it seems the only way to survive this new bleak future is to join a gang and create insane weaponised cars. WINNER! Imagine a Mad Max type scenario and you’ll have a good idea what to expect. The game’s mantra is ‘Create. Ride. Destroy’ and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. You’ll be creating motoring abominations in no time to send into battle and which will inevitably be destroyed.

It’s not the most imaginative story, but that’s fine, this game isn’t really about a story it’s about building cars, lots of cars in preparation for the main aspect of the game which is car combat. Brilliant in concept and at times thrilling in action, initially let down buy some unwieldy controls. When you first fire the game up, the controls are the same as a Warthog in Halo (steer and accelerate with the left stick). Now this would be fine if you just needed to whiz across a map with some intermittent shooting, but when you’re in a closed (although big enough) arena, with close quarters combat it gets fiddly and frustrating fast. Thankfully you can adjust the controls so accelerate and brake are mapped to the R2 and L1 Buttons respectively which makes things hell of a lot more bearable. Why this isn’t the default set-up I will never know. Still, once you have the controls sussed, the combat becomes actually quite brilliant.

Blasting around the various arenas shooting the shit out of everything that moves is great fun and feels really satisfying as you blast of different parts of the opposing players cars. Watching them limp around on two wheels when you go in for the kill is priceless.

There are literally tons of weapons for you to collect, and install on your vehicle, it can get overwhelming at times if you’re not used to the MMO formula, if you can think of a weapon, it pretty much can be attached to your car. Spinning blades, homing  missiles, flamethrowers, shotguns! Like I said imagine Mad Max and you would have a good idea of what to expect. But that’s not all, there are other car parts to purchase/build such as boosters, radiators, coolants and all manner of other accessories that will make your car a better mobile death machine. Couple this with all the weapons on offer and the different factions you can join to obtain all the extras and you’re sometimes left thinking what the hell are you supposed to do.

Of course when building, it’s entirely up to you what you do, the only limit really is your imagination, you can load your car up with whatever you want, but that will affect your speed or mobility or weapon power and so on. While playing I saw some trucks literally carrying a nuclear warhead that could barely move, Other times I saw just a normal car with a single gun but trying to catch it was a nightmare. So you have a lot of choice to create a motorised beast that suits your play style

Some of these additions can be rewarded by completing missions and raids, but can also be crafted giving you the option to  go around collecting resources to craft new items. I spent more time in the garage and menus going through all the options, building stuff, comparing weapons when I didn’t really want to just because of the sheer wealth of what’s available. Driving and battling which is for me was the fun part of the game kind of got in the way. Of course, if you have the time and imagination, then you can pretty much create what ever abomination you desire, which for some people would be worth the asking price alone.

Once you’ve managed to drag yourself away from the menus there are eight levels for you to put your newfound gear to good use, each level offers variety, even if they’re a little cliched, the maps remind of those found in Warhawk with multiple paths. In fact, while playing Crossout it bought back a lot of memories of my kamikaze flag capture runs from Warhawk and this made me happy.

The main game is made up of 8v8 or PvP team death match-style matches combined with a capture the flag objective. If you find the enemy base, you can camp out there for a set amount of time, capture the base and that’s an instant team win. I found this isn’t as difficult, or as much fun as it should be. The maps are a pretty decent size and the cars are  fairly small so at times it can feel pretty empty out there, and the times I captured bases, I barely got any resistance.

So Crossout is a pretty intense MMO if you love menus, upgrading and collecting everything, you’ll love this. Even though it wasn’t my cup of tea, these features have been done very well and I can imagine people spending hours creating all manner of nightmarish vehicles. The levels are decent enough, but could do with some interaction or destructible scenery to make them more interactive. Even the lack of story and lame missions are all passable.

For me, the main let down with Crossout is the controls. Even though they can be changed to different pre sets, I found all the configurations to be clumsy, and slightly odd and unatural, while playing I often found myself wondering what the developers were thinking. For a game that requires fast maneuverability, especially as you have to aim weapons as well, the controls just made no sense.

If you can get your head around the controls,and don’t mind the overwhelming amount of customizations options, there is a pretty darn good car combat game here. If you’re looking for a Warhawk fix, or Rocket league with extra boom, then you can’t go wrong with Crossout


Crosscut is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

Disclaimer: We were provided with a code for the game from the publishers in order to complete this review. For more information on how we review and score games, please see our review policy.









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