More LEGO Worlds content is on the way.

WB Games have today announced that the super fun LEGO Worlds will be beefed up with some new DLC content, known as the Classic Space content pack. The pack will be available to download on 5th of July for the paltry sum of £2.99. That’s 15p more than four sausage rolls at Greggs. Don’t ask me how I know that..

The Classic Space Pack includes new quests, builds, vehicles and characters from the LEGO Space playsets. Players will be able to explore space and embark on new adventures as the travel in a Space Buggy, excavate a new Moon or land the spaceship on the Classic Space Theme World.

In other LEGO Worlds news, WB Games have announced a Nintendo Switch edition, which will be available this autumn and is available to pre-order now. The physical version will include two bonus packs – including the Classic Space pack – along with a digital version of the game with the DLC packs available separately.

Source [Press Release]

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