Genesis Alpha One looks impressive in first trailer;

Since turning their considerably talented hand to publishing, they’ve helped bring some of the best indie titles to market. The Escapists, Beyond Eyes, Overcooked and of course Yooka-Laylee – all cracking games that signed publishing deals with Team 17. Well, they’re at it again with Genesis Alpha One for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

From Germany-based independent developer Radiation Blue, Genesis Alpha One is an exciting mix of “roguelike, FPS, base building and survival elements. In the game you’re tasked to find a new home for mankind among the stars after “Planet Earth has succumbed to war, pollution and corruption” (This game must be set in 2017 then XD – Ed). You’re sent out into space where you can collect resources, expand your ship, have to deal with terrifying alien infestations and explore a procedurally generated universe. Built in Unreal 4, Genesis Alpha One looks damn pretty too.

The announcement of Genesis Alpha One comes along side this E3 trailer:

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