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E3 2017: Ubisoft #UbiE3 Press Conference Round Up – Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, The Crew 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2

Here we go! It’s Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference! catch up on everything including Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, The Crew 2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Yves Guillemot started the Ubisoft E3 press conference with the phrase “Let […]

Here we go! It’s Ubisoft’s E3 2017 press conference! catch up on everything including Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, The Crew 2 and Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Yves Guillemot started the Ubisoft E3 press conference with the phrase “Let the game’s begin” and they sure as hell did that…

Unexpectedly, the first game on stage was Switch related – it’s Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle – and Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo joined Yves on stage with life-size replicas of the weapons seen in the game. After some awkwardness, Yves talked about the special relationship Ubisoft have with Nintendo, feeling inspired by the Japanese giants. Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle is being made with the idea to “create a Mario game that has never been made” and it’s being made by Ubisoft in Europe “giving it a distinctive flavour”.

Xavier Manzanares from Ubisoft took to the stage to present the first game play. The Rabbids have been transported to the Mushroom Kingdom and, of course, this has messed everything up. Mario is going to try and fix the issues created by the arrival of the Rabbids with the help of costumed Rabbids. While it’s part 3D adventure, it’s also got turn based strategy battles much like that seen in XCOM. There’s quite a lot of depth to the game play – you can destroy cover and combine character abilities.

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle will be availble on August 29th, 2017.

Next up, Ashraf Ismail took to the stage to talk about Assassin’s Creed Origins. Assassin’s Creed Origins is being developed by the core team behind Black Flag and the team have reinvented what an Assassin’s Creed game should be. The following trailer is really impressive. Seriously. You got me Ubisoft. I’m on the hook.

This was quickly followed by a trailer for a new game from Ivory Towers – The Crew 2 which was leaked a few months ago.

Stunt Planes, Dirt Biking, Street Racing, rally Driving, cross country, speedboats, Formula racing – The Crew 2 appears to have it all. Stephane Beley, creative director said that The Crew 2 will “go beyond racing” and this game was built with a love “for all things motorised”. This was followed by game play:

SOUTH PARK! The Fractured But Whole is releasing on October 17th. Don’t belive me? Here’s a trailer. NSFW. Obviously.

Next up – a Transference trailer, oddly featuring Elijah Wood. There’s no details on what this game other than it’s VR based but it looks super spooky and odd.

Yves returned on stage to introduce a surprise – From Ubisoft Singapor, pirating adventure Skull & Bones. Justin Farren, the Creative Director for Skull & Bones said they’ve set out to build “the ultimate pirating adventure”. Solo or in a gang, you sail around the Indian Oceans (using the sailing tech from Assassin’s Creed Black Flag) pirating booty from NPC’s and other players. A game play demo of a 5 vs 5 mode was shown on stage:

Skull and Bones will release in Fall 2018.

Guilty Pleasure Time – Ubisoft invited some neon Mortal Kombat ninjas, some Pink Ladies and a Panda on stage to dance to Just Dance 2018 tracks. Say what you like but Ubisoft know how to throw an E3 party.

Just Dance 2018 is out in October on all consoles.

And more South Park and the new kid is back to play cowboys and Indians vs Cops vs Wizards on mobile phones. South Park Phone Destroyer is a thing that exists.

Remember that teaser promo that was hidden in Watch Dogs 2? Well, it looks as though the game it was hinting at was by Ubisoft Toronto and it’s a Toys to Life game called Starlink: Battle For Atlas.

Matt Rose, creative director, who “grew up in the 80’s” came to the stage to explain that in Starlink you can build your own space ship with physical or digital collectables and take it around a star system to uncover secrets. Cool. Coming to Switch, Xbox and PS4 in Fall 2018.

Steep is getting Winter Olympic games DLC this year.

Dan Hay, creative director and brand manager of Far Cry 5 then took to the stage. After taking a dig at those people getting pissy about the game having white Christian antagonists, he introduced this great game play demo;

And then, out of nowhere, Ubisoft Montpelier announced Beyond Good and Evil 2 with a mind-blowing CGI trailer.

Michel Ancel, literally crying, back on the Ubisoft stage, thanked Yves, all the Ubisoft teams and the Beyond Good & Evil fans for sticking with them. This game takes place before the birth of Jade and will involve space travel. Ancel wants to have fan input into development and introduced the “Space Monkey” program for testing and input.

And that’s a wrap. Ubisoft had a very impressive E3 showing. What do you think?

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