The King of Saints Row returns.

Johnny Gat, the one true Saint, will be available in Volition’s Agents of Mayhem.

Johnny Gar, being the 13th agent, available to those who pre-order the game, you’ll get access to his unlock mission, along with a personal mission, character and weapon skins and the original voice for Daniel Dae Kim.

Along with Johnny Gat, pre-ordering the game at retail will also mean you get access to a ‘Legal Action Pending’ skin pack for Hollywood, Hardtrack, Fortune, Braddock, Yeti and Daisy.

If you are pre-ordering digitally, your 13th Agent will be Lazarus, a brand new character which is a combination of woman and machine.

Agents of Mayhem will hit our fair European shores on August 18th. Check out the trailer below.


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