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34 Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting Excited About

It was a week ago when I sat up in bed in the middle of the night and heard the voices in my head. “Make the list… Make the list” they repeated. I presumed I was dreaming so settled back […]

It was a week ago when I sat up in bed in the middle of the night and heard the voices in my head. “Make the list… Make the list” they repeated. I presumed I was dreaming so settled back off to sleep – but the demands never stopped. Eating my lunch and I looked down to see the Alphabetti Spaghetti on my plate spelt out the words “Make the list”. A bird sitting outside my window chirped in a way that sounded like “Make the list”. I went to the bank and instead of signing my name on a cheque, I wrote “Make the list”. The List Feature Gods were talking to me, demanding that I “make the list”. Message received loud and clear. I made the list of 33 of the most exciting Indie Games on the horizon.

Well, here it is List Feature Gods! Here it is! I’ve spent the last week researching the biggest, best or most interesting Indie Games worth getting excited about. Are you satisfied? Has it satisfied your hunger for List Features? Are you not amused? Please enjoy.

1). Rogue Aces




Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PSVita, PS4 & Xbox One

Infinite State Games are building up quite a reputation for creating fun arcade games. Their previous titles – action puzzle game Frutorius HD & frenetic Don’t Die Mr Robot – show this 2 Man studio have the development chops and their next game, Rogue Aces seems to continue this trend. On the surface, it looks like any other 2D Shmup but there’s some interesting things happening too – primarily the ability to eject from your own plane and highjack other planes in mid-air. Keep up to date on Rogue Aces by following Infinite State Games on Twitter.

2). Tokyo 42



Release Date: May 31st
Platforms: PC, Xbox One & PS4

If you’re reading this a few days after publishing, Tokyo 42 will no longer be an “Upcoming Indie Game Worth Getting Excited About”. It’ll be a “Good game you need to buy with your cash that’s out now”. I had a lot of fun with this minimal isometric assassinate-’em-up at EXG Rezzed 2017 and highly recommend you check it out when it releases this week. SMAC Games have developed Tokyo 42 and Mode 7 are on publishing duties.

3). Manifold Garden



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PS4 & PC

What originally started out as “a small project to learn Unity before build I make an MMO that should have taken 3 months” has developed into one of the most interesting and visually arresting indie games in development. Originally called Relativity, Manifold Garden takes inspiration from the physics bending lithographs of M.C. Escher (imagine the stairs scene from Labyrinth and you’re close) but developer William Chyr is taking this idea further. The game worlds themselves now wrap around into one another – head right and you’ll reach the same point but from the left. Keep up to date with Manifold Garden development by following Chyr on twitter.

4). Ooblets



Release Date: Mid-2018
Platforms: Xbox One & PC

Ooblets is described by developer Glumberland as “sort of like Harvest Moon meets Pokémon meets Animal Crossing meets the weird awkward people we are”. I shouldn’t really need to say anymore because that’s an incredible blend of influences but I’m happy to report that even at this stage of development, Ooblets is bloody lovely. It was one of my favourite games of EGX Rezzed 2017 and one you should definitely be excited about. Follow Glumberland and Double Fine (publishers) on Twitter to keep up to date on this one.

5). Songbringer



Release: Summer 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 & Xbox One

I didn’t think I had space in my life for another pixel-art filled aRPG… until I played Songbringer at EGX Rezzed that is. In it you play as accidental hero Roq Epimetheos who discovers a special sword and accidentally unleashes an ancient evil on the world. With procedurally generated dungeons, a non-linear narrative design and with elements of speedrunning and competitive play baked in, Songbringer might be the next big aRPG this summer. Follow developers Wizard Fu and Double Eleven for more information.

6). Monomyth



Release Date: Q4 2018
Platforms: PC

Have you ever heard of #ScreenShotSaturday? For those that haven’t, it’s a twitter hashtag for developers to share screenshots of their creations. It was a few weeks ago that I stumbled across Monomyth from RatTower games while perusing that hashtag. It’s a dungeon trawler built in Unreal 4 that’s heavily inspired by King’s Field and the Thief games that has some pretty interesting mechanics – The environment can be deadly (such as steam jets coming from leaky pipes) and enemies belong to factions and will fight each other if they come into contact. Monomyth is a long way off from release (Q4 2018, maybe 2019) but from these early screenshots, this is certainly one game I’m excited about. Follow RatTower on twitter or the game’s official website for more info.

7). Relay



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC

Originally a Ludum Dare 34 entry from Jon Reid, Relay has you play as a World War I telegraph technician in the 5 days prior to Christmas day, 1914 – the year of the famous Christmas truce. It’s your job to relay messages between HQ and the front line on what the troops need via morse code. Emotionally impactful, Relay offers a different perspective on war that we’ve not seen in gaming before. The LD34 version is available now on itchio but a full game version is on the way this year.

8). Knights & Bikes



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PS4 & PC

I shouldn’t have been surprised by how much charm and fanaticism Knights & Bikes contains given that the game is developed by 2 members of the team behind Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet. It’s a game that really manages to capture that “children playing with their imagination” vibe with the art style and game play and it’s lovely. Really, really lovely. Keep your eyes on this one. It’s going to be big. Follow developers Foam Sword and publishers Double Fine for more info.

9). Deckbound Spears



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac & Mobiles

Deckbound Spears might look really simplistic but it’s a tonne-of-fun. Both Rossko and I had a few bouts at EGX Rezzed and we laughed. A lot. The idea is that your character has a single spear and you must defeat your opponents with it – only you have to retrieve your spear once you’ve thrown it to fire again. It’s a game of risk vs. reward, choosing whether to fire from far away to be safer but if you miss, be left defenceless until you travel across the map. In the full game there will be collectable cards which will unlock minions to do your bidding, new characters and abilities which will also track across to the companion game, Deckbound Heroes.

10). Ray’s The Dead



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PS4, PSVita, PC, Mac & Linux

Zombies. They’re the de facto antagonist for so many games these days but Ray’s The Dead comes at the prospect of the living dead from a different angle. In it you play as recently deceased Ray who has somehow risen from the grave as a Zombie – only he retains most of his humanity and for some reason has a light bulb sticking out of his head. It’s the player’s job to discover how Ray died and why he was resurrected by building an army of undead to aid in your quest. Ray’s The Dead is an interesting mashup of genres with strong tactical elements, stealth, puzzle solving, and even some adventure game elements. Originally funded via a successful Kickstarter, RagTag studios have since teamed up with Adult Swim games to help publish and the game is in the final stretch of development. (Disclaimer: I backed this on KS)

11). Lazarus



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC

Have you ever felt like you’re doing the same things over and over? Like you’ve maybe read something before? Maybe you’re stuck in Groundhog day and keep having Deja Vu? Well, Lazarus takes that concept and applies it to the top-down Shmup genre in a totally unique way. Currently in Early Access, Lazarus has thousands of players play together in an MMO-esque world with the aim of surviving. Space battles, foraging for resources and discovering new tech are all part and parcel of the game but at the end of which week, the reset button is pressed and the entire game returns to the start position. Spilt Milk Studios are being really open with the development of this game and are using community and player feedback to improve this game all the way through to V.1.0 and you can follow them on Twitter to keep up with new developments.

Next Up: Cuphead, Soulstorm, Behold the Kickmen and more >>>

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