Future War: Reborn Now Available Exclusively on Xbox One


Twin Stick Third-Person Sci-Fi Shooter Future War: Reborn has made the jump from mobiles to consoles and is available now exclusively on Xbox One.

The Chinese shooter has made the leap from successful mobile game to Xbox One thanks to E-Home Entertainment, a joint venture between Microsoft Corporation and Oriental Pearl Group, and developers Good Games. This console version comes complete with “enhanced graphics, improved controls, the removal of microtransactions, and plenty of chances to blow away ravenous zombies and freakish creatures.”. Here’s the trailer for the game;

In Future War: Reborn you must play as a Genome Fighter in a dystopian not-too-distant future where a virulent plague has spread across the world, turning ordinary citizens into bloodthirsty zombies and mutants. Using six types of upgradable guns, including assault rifles, shotguns and lasers as well as advanced military technology, such as pilotable mechs and self-sustaining auto-cannon turrets, your Genome Fighter must end the mutant threat once and for all.

Future War: Reborn features dozens of bite-sized levels which, because they were originally designed for mobile gaming, are perfect for quick blasts of play. They also promise replayability with unlocks and additional objectives to complete.

Future War: Reborn is available on Xbox One for $9.99 through the Xbox Store.

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