Forget BloodBourne 2 – Phantom Wail could be From Software’s big E3 game


There has been a few whisperings of late that we could have perhaps seen Bloodbourne 2 at E3 this year. Although that is still a strong possibility, rumors are starting to gain traction that From software could be working on an entirely different game called Phantom Wail.

The rumor comes from 4Chan who have been know to be generally reliable when it comes to rumors of this sort.  Phantom Wail, according the anonymous poster will feature:

  • Ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic.

  • Emphasis on hand-to-hand combat techniques and “martial art styles”.

  • Traditional melee weapons still in (i.e. clubs), but they won’t have a major focus; weapon-based move sets are gone.

  • Instead, players will customize and personalize their hand-to-hand move sets and fighting styles, there is customization for weapon fighting styles as well, however. (This kinda-sorta sounds like Nioh to me, with the weapon skill trees and such, just my personal opinion).

  • Is the “Souls-like, dark fantasy, familiar” game Miyazaki mentioned when interviewed about the future of From Software. Armored Core and a “strange for From Software” game were the other 2 mentioned.

  • Collaboration between Sony Japan and From Software (it’s the Sony exclusive title).

It is E3 time of course so lets take this with a pinch of salt. That’s not to say this isn’t a game that’s in development, it very well could be, and sounds pretty neat if it is. But we will never know until E3.

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