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The first trailer for Captain Marvel has crash landed.

Get your first look at Captain Marvel punching an old lady.

The first trailer for Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel has arrived, and safe to say it’s looking very much like a Marvel movie.

The giant epic score, the sweeping supercuts and the beautiful visuals point to another cracker in the Marvel hit parade, with the trailer focusing on the backstory of Carol Danvers and her subsequent meeting of a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury, obvs).

The trailer also features brief looks at Jude Law’s Walter Wilson (Mar-Vell) alongside the return of Clark Gregg to the MCU, returning as Agent Coulson.

Check out the trailer here, and watch Brie Larson punch an old lady and fall through the roof of Blockbuster Video. There’s very little chance of this going to straight to DVD, though.

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