‘Every story you’ve heard about me is true’. 

In case you didn’t know, next month sees the release of Disney’s next stand-alone Star Wars movie – Solo.

The film features Alden Ehrenreich who takes on the lofty role of Han Solo, who’s joined by Danny Glover who plays Lando along with likes of Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton. It looks a lot of fun, but whether it will live up to Rogue One remains to be seen. Not long to wait though.

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  • Thomos Grye
    On April 11, 2018 03:48 0Likes

    This trailer looks fantastic. I kind of like it, feels like a throwback to the original one. Better than what I expected and Donald Glover seems to have nailed Lando. Eagerly waiting to watch the Solo in cinemas on the opening weekend.

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