This might just be the best news I’ve heard, in like a long long time. It seems Hasbro has had enough or Paramount and Micheal Bay pissing all over their much-beloved brand. Today at the Toy Fair 2018, Hasbro Investor Preview. Hasbro has laid the smack down on Paramount and stated that a new team at Paramount (!?) will rest the Transformers Live Action Movies. Unfortunately, this won’t be until after the upcoming Bumblebee movie.

And as if by magic Transformers 6 has been removed from their upcoming movie list, and no Transformers films listed for the foreseeable future, at least until 2021 YES! If that’s not good news enough, the new agreement means that Hasbro will have greater control of any future movies including ‘greenlighting the movies’

The only downside from this Investor meeting is that the poor recipients had to sit through the first trailer for Bumblebee. So expect a leak of some sort in the coming days. There is hope of course. Rogue One was a spin-off from Star Wars and is arguably the best of the three new films. So you never know, perhaps Bumblebee could follow suit.

But anyway, great news that hopefully in few years we might get an actual Transformers film that we’ve all wanted from the start.



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