John Cena is more famous for his fights in the squared circle than he is on film but that hasnt’ stopped him having some negotiations with Paramount about a starring role in the live action film of Duke Nukem, The politically incorrect cigar chewing action hero.

To me, that’s pretty good news, if you look at the picture above you can see why Cena is a good choice. The bad news is that it will be produced by Platinum Dunes, the company run by Michael Bay, who ruined Transformers Over and over again.

Still, Duke Nukem is the all-action hero and would probably suit Micheal Bays wham bam thank you mam style of films. As yet no director is on boars, and the search for a writer is on.

In case you don’t know Duke Nukem is a mish-mash of every single action hero that has ever been seen, who first appeared in the Duke Nukem video game way back in 1991.

Previously, the project was in the hands of Dimension films, but the rights had run out and Paramount had snapped them up form GearbBox Software, the company behind the game.

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