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Happy Birthday! Finger Guns Turns 3 Today

We survived another year without killing one another? Well, I guess I owe someone some money...

3 years. 36 months. 1096 days. We’re still going.

When we started Finger Guns, it was probably the last roll of the dice for a few of us. Ross, Paul and I had been writing about games and the industry that surrounds them for *years*. We’d started and subsequently buried more websites than Henry VIII had wives. Let me tell you, it’s harder to write about video games and publish it on the internet than it looks. When we decided to give it one last go with Finger Guns, I don’t think any of us expected the site to last 3 years or be as successful as it has been. Yet here we are.

We’ve reviewed 462 games, part of more than 1900 posts on the FG website. We started a podcast and quickly outpaced our own expectations in terms of listeners. We set ourselves up on Twitch and became an affiliate within 2 months. We’ve been to events, interviewed some truly special members of the games industry and made a lot of friends. Oh, and we bloody got invited to Nintendo HQ in Windsor.

None of this would have been possible without our Patreon members. A few years ago we decided that we didn’t want to be writing purely to attract clicks and we removed all the adverts from our site. We’ve never taken a backhander, shilled for an energy drink company or published a “guest post” linking back to a gambling website (you know who I’m talking about). We wanted to publish reviews and opinions, articles and podcast episodes that you could trust without outside financial influence. Each and every one of our Patreon’s stepped up to make that possible. For $1 a month, they allow us to continue this site and our podcast and hopefully we repay that generosity with our work. I cannot thank each and every one of you enough.

As for this past year, despite it being incredibly challenging both personally and professionally for many of us, it has been a successful year. We welcomed 435,842 unique users to our little corner of the internet. I’d tell you how many page views we managed to rack up but the website crashes every time I try to bring that data up. I’m taking that as a good sign. I know from the monthly reports that it is bigger than the previous 12 months. Our podcast, now 54 episodes old, is closing in on 3000 unique downloads. In the past few months, we also added another member to our band of merry idiots – Toby Andersen. He has already made an impact on the way we do things and produced some excellent Final Fantasy VII Remake content. I think it’s fair to say 2019/20 was a good year for Finger Guns.

What’s next for Finger Guns? It’s hard to make long term plans when the world is on its head. Some of the plans we already had have been scuppered by current world events. Rest assured though, we’re still committed to bringing you trustworthy reviews and entertaining content. All being well, we’ll see you at EGX 2020 in London, potentially doing something very exciting.

Until then, stay safe, play video games and again, thank you.

Sean, Ross, Paul, Greg and Toby

Sean Davies

Ungrateful little yuppie larvae. 30-something father to 5. Once ate 32 slices of pizza at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

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