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Resident Evil 2: Demo event at Loading Bar Server

Last week, on January 11th, I attended an event put on by Capcom at one of London's gaming bars. Here's how I got on:

Yes yes, I am banging the “Resident Evil 2 is going to be incredible” drum again. But this is fully justified, because it is that good.

Hosting an event last week at one of their bars, Loading (a small chain of excellent gaming pubs/bars around London) put on a community event to play the latest demo of the upcoming game.

Server, on Goldhawk Road, Shepherd’s Bush, hosted the event on behalf of Capcom. Spearheaded by newly appointed Resi Community Manager Kat, it was an excellent opportunity and example of PR done right.

In attendance were producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and director Kazunori Kadoi, who were happy to sign merchandise and posters.

The evening was spread out across signing sessions, queuing to play twenty minutes of one of three demos. Breaking up the sessions, Hirabayashi-san and Kadoi-san were hosting quizzes, playing whilst answering fan questions.

The demo itself, or at least the Leon portion, is the same as the “1 Shot” demo that’s currently available on consoles.

It plays well, but I will say this: drop any notion of it being a spit and polish port of the original. The RCPD has had more than cosmetic changes, including newly cordoned off areas, and an entire third floor to explore now.

Gameplay, it’s more akin to Dead Space meets Evil Within. It’s dark, claustrophobic, and Leon’s inquisitive, unknowing nature reminds of Detective Castellanos in his first adventure. Zombies don’t go down easy, and tactics and conservation play a strong part.

On the whole, the event was very well put on, and Capcom outdid themselves by making it an open PR event.

Treating those to a free G & T Virus cocktail (if you like a tipple), and having Kat and Street Fighter Community Manager Matt Edwards around to assist was a nice touch.

It only strengthens and highlights the love behind such a prolific and important moment in fan appreciation and community, and how big this game has potential to reach.

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