Far Cry 5 trailer points the lens firmly at America.


Far Cry 5’s first trailer revealed along with release date.

At long last, the trailer for Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 has been revealed and you can watch it below. The game is due for release on February 27th, 2018.

Creepy. With the focus turned back on America, and a somewhat ‘Westboro Baptist Church’ esque enemy the main focus of the trailer, Far Cry 5 is perhaps going to divide a certain number of players, perhaps those who aren’t used to having Americans as their enemy. It should be an interesting few months to see what exactly the reception will be like from certain corners of the internet.

You character is a deputy in Hope County, a fictional county in Montana, your enemy? A fanatical doomsday cult known as The Project at Eden’s Gate, that of which you’ll need to take down with the townsfolk who you need to convince to firm a resistance. Throughout the game you’ll be driving muscle cars, boats, ATV’s and big rigs. Oh, and dogfights in spitfires. There is also a two-player co-op available.

Players can recruit Guns for Hire from the county’s townfolks along with Fangs for Hire (!), animals and cougars that can fight on your behalf. The map editor also returns.

Our take? It looks superb. We’re huge fans of the Far Cry series here at Finger Guns and have been awaiting the release of this trailer for some time. The three of us all got the Platinum for Far Cry 4 and cite it and its predecessor terrific experiences, with terrific gunplay, sumptuous visuals that seems to get the best out of what ever system they appear on and strong narratives which keep you engaged.

Far Cry 5’s Executive Producer had this to say regarding choosing Montana as their brand new setting.

“You go out into the world and you meet people for the first time, you don’t know them, maybe they don’t trust you. But if you can strike a deal with them, if you can have a conversation with them and make them part of what it is you’re building, they can join your resistance.

“It’s definitely about chaos, and there’s a lot of that in this,” says Hay. “But it’s also about building a beautiful world, and that’s a thing we want to introduce you to. We went to Montana, and we fell in love with it. It’s stunning.”

February 27th seems like a long ol’ time away but we can’t wait to get our hands on a brand new Far Cry.

What are your thoughts?

Source [PlayStation Blog]


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