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E3 2018: Superman game gets a title. Possible reveal at E3,

The Superman game that has apparently been worked on at Rocksteady has been the source of both rumours and dreams for gamers for quite some time.

Rocksteady and Warner Bros have been tight-lipped about the game, which nobody really knows exists or not. Annoying.

However, a leak on 4Chan (take with a large pinch of salt) suggest that not only has the game got a title, but could possibly be revealed at E3 at Microsofts Press conference. What a scoop that would be!

The game will be called Superman: World’s Finest. If you’re a fan of DC comics you’ll know that’s what DC usually adopts when Superman works in cooperation with Batman. Brainiac is touted as the main villain with other DC characters making an appearance just like they do in the Arkham games.

I do hope this is true. not only will it save Microsoft’s E3 which is looking drastically light,  but finally we may have a Superman game that does the character justice


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