E3 2017: Devolver Digital may have just stolen the whole conference.


No game reveals, no lingering 4K shots…just perhaps the greatest middle finger to E3 you could imagine.

When it was revealed that Devolver Digital – those folks who brought us Hotline Miami, among many others – were to do a full live conference at this years E3, it’s fair to say we were curious to see what they had up their sleeves. It’s hardly news that that they are a law unto themselves in this industry, the megaton outlaws who consistently drop hit after hit without shoving it down our throats. A conference from them – even at the ungodly hour of 6am in the morning here in the UK – had us excited and primed to see what indie goodness they were about to unleash upon the world.

What we got was perhaps the greatest E3 shitpost in the history of the conference.

Their entire show lasted around about fifteen minutes and not a single new game was revealed…but what we did get was pure satire of the entire idea and execution of E3, brilliantly sent up by a group of actors who were completely in on the joke. The entire conference was pre-recorded and featured what was presumably stock footage of an audience at this fake conference. Oh, it was magnificent.

What it did prove to do is showcase just how absurd the E3 conferences have become and sends them up in a brilliantly dark way, and as such, made yesterday’s dick swinging Xbox conference look ridiculous by comparison.

Here’s the full NSFW conference for your enjoyment. Praise be, Devolver Digital.

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  1. Jbumi 7 months ago

    Definitely the Best E3 Press Conference of 2017 – arguably, the best of all time!!!! I hope they have a follow-up next year!!!

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