Could we be seeing a Game Boy Mini next?


Back that truck full of salt into the driveway as this is lose speculation at best. But it seems that Nintendo has registered a trademark on September 15 which included an image of the original Gameboy. So clearly it seems to point to something that is Gameboy related.

The trademark was filed under categories for “Programs for household video game machines” and “Household video games” as well as merchandise categories like “Keychains,” “Bag charms,” “Cosmetic tools,” and “Clothing.”

Of course, this could just be general merchandise, but considering the success of the NES and SNES mini, it wouldn’t be much of s surprise to see a Gameboy Mini be next up on the horizon.

But, you have to ask yourself this. The pattern for releases so far is chronological, so the next home console from Nintendo was the N64 and there has already been a trademark for N64 related goodness. But technically the next console to arrive after the SNES was the Gameboy so if Nintendo are just going to make minis of all their consoles, then the Gameboy is next.



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