Could Bayonetta be heading to Switch?


I loved the original Bayonetta, One of my all time favorite games. So it came as a shock that Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U exclusive and thus, I never really got a chance to play it.

However, a recent tweet from Bayonetta developers Platinum Games suggests the game could be making its way to the Switch.

And not just one game, judging from the image tweeted it looks like both games could be heading to the Switch. The image consists of Bayonetta from the first and second game flipped and turned upside down with background colors that relate to the neon color JoyCons for the Switch. I thought this was quite clever. You can see from the resulting tweets that fans are thinking the same thing. Hopefully this will be the definitive remastered collection, if it turns out this is happening count me in

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