ClusterTruck Review – Time to get trucked up.


Clustertruck is a fun old time that shouldn’t be missed. The FingerGuns Review;

Review contributed by Alexis Perez

Clustertruck is a game where players can ride atop trucks in the effort to reach a goal. While the task sounds simple enough, the levels eventually become more intense. Trucks will start to flip over, crash into each other and explode.

In a sense, it gives a Mirror’s Edge type of first-person gameplay where you have to quickly and skillfully bounce off trucks to reach the end, even if that means riding off on a fallen truck that’s somehow still moving.

Going into glitches, the game itself has its share, but luckily it tends to add more fun to it. All the while it doesn’t cause an unfair death. Because of the erratic behavior of these trucks, it’s not always the same when it comes to completing each level. Developing strategies can only go so far since at times levels don’t always go as one would expect.

Clustertruck has it’s original levels and a couple holiday additions for Christmas and Halloween. For anyone who has already finished the game or is looking for something different, these levels provide a festive touch to play. If you want to create your own levels, there’s a level designer that allows you to set up a goal post and place as many or as little trucks your heart desires.

For players looking for an extra boost, power ups are available for purchase using points gained from each level. These powerups can be used to slow down time, increase jump lengths, or ability to perform new tricks. Points are earned by performing tricks and time taken to complete each level. These points are also placed on leaderboards for players to compete against. Note that these powerups are not available for use in the level designer.

Clustertruck, while fun, has its flaws like any other game. Due to its ability to cause chaotic situations, it can be difficult to plan your next move. The level designer also takes time to learn and don’t always play out as expected.

Other than causing a few headaches here and there, it does its job in providing a fun past time enough to challenge your fingers at the keys.

Clustertruck is available now.

Disclaimer: In order to complete this review, we were provided with a review code from the publisher. 

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