CliffyB’s Lawbreakers is coming to PS4.



PC-only shooter is now coming to PS4.

LawBreakers, the latest project from that there Cliff Bleszinski is going to be making its way to PS4.

Enhanced for PS4 Pro, the game promises to challenge even the best of the shooters out there, featuring ‘thrilling, ‘fast-paced’, ‘omni-directional gunplay’. Hmmm.

Check out the trailer below using probably the worst version I’ve ever heard of Spirit in the Sky.

In some interesting news, the game will launch for $29.99 (£24.99 in the UK, €29.99 in Europe) and will not feature a season pass. Instead, the initial payment is a one off and all future updates will be free. Also, there are no ‘pay-to-win’ aspects of the game, only cosmetics to earn through the game’s Stash-Box.

Ka-boom, and such. LawBreakers will be playable on the PS4 for the first time at E3 2017.

I still think LawBreakers is the bloody awful name, Cliff.

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