Celeste, From Towerfall Dev, Adds Xbox One To Launch Platforms


The tough-as-nails 2D platformer Celeste will launch on Xbox One alongside it’s previously announced platforms.

In a typically impassioned blog post by Matt Thorson detailing the development of his upcoming game Celeste, he unveiled the good news. A delay in the release date, pushing it back to January 2018, has allowed the porting studio Sickhead Games to add the Xbox One to the available launch platforms. This means that Celeste will launch simulatiously across PC (on both Steam and itch.io), Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

If you’ve not heard of Celeste, it’s a tricky 2D platformer that requires pin point precision from Matt Makes Games, the tiny studio behind the hit game Towerfall. I highly advise checking out the Nintendo Switch trailer below for a taste of what it looks like in motion.

Elsewhere in the blog post Matt mentioned that tonight (30/08/2017) they’ll be demoing Celeste alongside Ikenfell and Wandersong at Overflow #002, a chiptune show at Fox Cabaret featuring Mega Ran and Sammus in Vancouver.

They’re also taking Celeste to PAX West as part of the PAX10 so you can play the game there any time the hall is open on Level 6. If you’re lucky enough to be going to PAX West make sure to stop off and give this a go.

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