Car arena combat game Switchblade announced


There is no denying the success of Rocke League. The car football game that has the pickup and play factor of LEGO. But for me, I always wished there were guns. Well, now there is Switchblade. A new car combat arena game from the people that worked on Project Gotham Racing, Blur and Geometry Wars. Just there is no football. One day someone will combine the two.

Anyway, Switchblade is a 5v5 arena car combat game that lets you switch between a variety of armoured sci-fi vehicles at any point to give you a lot more tactical choices than you would expect. If you want to chase down a particular rival, use a speedy fighter, if you’re on the defence of your tower then switch to a more heavily armoured battlewagon.

It all sounds rather good and I hope they have local as well as co-op multiplayer just for those nights in with beer and more beer. There is a beta that you can sign up for if this sort of thing tickles your undercarriage, sign up here Meanwhile, check ou the announcement trailer below.

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