Binaries comes to Nintendo Switch today

The rock hard puzzler hits your very expensive, delicate handheld today. 

Do you like being punished? Do you appreciate the crack of a whip? Were you a persistent sinner in your past life and need to atone for actions in this life? Fear not, Binaries has just launched on Nintendo Switch.

What’s Binaries I hear you ask? Well, it’s an absurdly difficult, controller smashing, blood boiling puzzler which has already seen releases on PC, Xbox One and PS4. I personally reviewed the game way back in the day on another website and found the game to be so distressingly tough, I’m pretty sure I invented new swear words.

I’m going to share a Let’s Play I did of the game over a year ago.

Warning: Very, very NSFW. And I say the word ‘functionalities’. Hmm..

In all seriousness, it’s a cracker of a puzzler which will seriously challenge you, and does an awful lot with just two colours. Don’t miss it.

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