Bayonetta Special Edition coming to Switch


Bayonetta is making her debut on Switch in some style. 

It’s been rumoured and murmured for a while now but Bayonetta Special Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch and will feature both Bayonetta 1&2! This is great news as these games are literally the best fighters you can get your hands on.

You don’t actually get both games though. Initially, you’ll purchase Bayonetta 2 on a game card and then get a download code for the original Bayonetta, along with a steel book, and some Bayonetta stickers and Verse Cards.

Both games will have two control schemes, the first will be the ‘classic’ scheme which will be familiar to fans of the original game and new control method that will use the touchscreen to manipulate Bayonetta.  Not entirely sure how that will work but will be interesting to find out.

Exclusive to the Switch version will be the ability to join forces with a pal across the room or across the world to take on waves of enemies in the Tag Climax Mode. There will also be amiibo compatibility too so you can unlock a number of Nintendo-themed costumes and weapons.

Bayonetta Special Edition hits Switch on 18th February 2018







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