Batman: The TellTale Series Season 2 gets a launch trailer.


Is it just us, or has this series come around really quickly?

It seems like yesterday we were saying our goodbyes to Bruce Wayne in TellTale’s terrific Batman series, with the first season a huge favourite here at Finger Guns, delving deeper into the Wayne psychosis in ways we haven’t seen before, at least in an interactive medium.

So it was music to our very pointy ears when it was announced only a week and a half ago that TellTale would be returning to the Batman series with The Enemy Within, the first episode of which – named ‘The Enigma’, now what could that be referring too? – drops on August 8th on consoles and PC. Mobile versions will appear in early October, no word on a Switch version, though with the first season not appearing on the system there seems to be a precedent here to not hold your breath.

Check out the trailer below. It seems things are about to go from worse to catastrophic for Bats this time around.

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