Alleged AGENT concept art appears online.


Well, just when you thought it was dead and buried. 

Remember AGENT? It’s one of those games which is considered a fable, the same way The Last Guardian and Shenmue III once were? If not, have a brief refresher.

Way back in 2009 at E3, Sony dropped a megaton announcing that Rockstar Games will be developing a game exclusively for the PlayStation 3. That game was Agent, and was due to tell a story set in the Cold War. We got a logo, and er..well that was it.

Seven years later, not a single word about the game has been muttered from Rockstar Games. It disappeared without trace and was never spoken of again after that reveal. No trailers, no screens, no updates whatsoever. Just..gone.

Now, you could argue that yes, Rockstar Games got a little busy with their rather popular Grand Theft Auto franchise (it’s doing rather well, if you hadn’t noticed). And though the developers through in a neat little nod to the game in GTA V – Franklin steals an Aston-Martin like car and it has ‘AGENT’ as its license plate – there are still rumblings suggesting the game isn’t completely dead, though we wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled the plug entirely. The company have managed to live off the returns of GTA V for several years now, releasing no full game since and instead developing content for GTA Online, their tremendously successful multiplayer behemoth which came packaged with GTA V.

So that brings us to today, and Twitter page Bully 2 Info have allegedly scored some leaked concept art of the game. Now, this isn’t out of the ordinary, concept art for Agent has a habit of turning up out of nowhere with people suggesting that it’s absolutely from the game, and nobody has ever really been able to prove them otherwise – typing ‘that’s so fake’ on Twitter means nothing, folks – Rockstar have also never confirmed that the concept art is indeed from the long-gone Cold War thriller.

If they are fake, why bother? It doesn’t make any sense to this old man, just to annoy some people on forums? Just for likes and retweets? Who knows. Still, have a nose at the screens below and see what you think and wonder just what could have been. Agent isn’t officially dead, but it’s most assuredly been put on the furthest possible back-burner while Rockstar continue to ramp up GTA Online production and return to the wild west in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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