All new Super Mario Odyssey Screens


Here are some new screenshots from Super Mario Odyssey, the new Mario game coming to Switch.

When the first trailer landed for Switch it showed of a brief glimpse of Super Mario Odyssey. Shockingly I thought it looked awful. and even the E3 demo didn’t make me change my mind that much and these new screens offer little for me at least to get me excited (watch your tongue Collett.. – Rossko).

Still I have to keep the faith, that its Mario, and Mario games are always ALWAYS the best. Yes even Super Mario Sunshine (which is still massively underrated in my opinion)

I’m not really sure whats happening in these screens. Is Mario going undercover? Are there some sneaky stealth elements that require a disguise, of can you finally play as all the imaginative characters that the Mario games have introduced over the years. Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out more.

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