A brand new trailer for Extinction has arrived.


Take on enormous armoured ogres in the new trailer for Extinction. 

A new trailer for Extinction has launched and it’s looking stronger than ever.

If you missed the trailer at E3 earlier this year, Extinction tells to the story of Avil, the last-remaining Sentinel, and it’s only you that has the power to save mankind from an attack of armoured ogres. It’s due for release in the first quarter of 2018.

Would you like some PR blurb? Course you would;

Extinction places emphasis on high-speed traversal around an interactive environment. Avil must move quickly – traversing across rooftops, alongside buildings, and more – to save humanity from the encroaching horde, and take down the seemingly endless waves of ogres (known as Ravenii) using his powers as a trained Sentinel. And while the swarm of smaller minions may seem like the crisis at hand, there’s always a larger problem on the horizon.

Armies of ogres are equipped with their own weapons and armor, requiring Avil to use tactical thinking, the structure of the environment, and even the enemies themselves in order to quickly eliminate the giants before they destroy all that’s left of the world and drive it to extinction.

It will take more than raw power to defeat these monstrous foes. Avil needs to use strategy, cunning and quick thinking to permanently take down ogres covered in layers of bone, iron, spikes, thorns, and dark steel.

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