6 Great Value Games To Help You Survive The School Holidays


Need some games to keep the kids happy during the School holidays? We have some suggestions.

Parents – imagine the following. It’s half-term/the school holidays and there’s biblical levels of rain outside. The kids have turned the house into a war zone and they’re running out of board games to fight over. You’ve burned through the mental list of activities to keep them busy, there’s Play-Doh in the carpet, LEGO on the stairs and then… it happens. “I’m Bored”. The words that every parent dreads most are uttered and you know you’re in for real trouble.

Never fear. Finger Guns to the rescue. Switch on the console and have a look at our list of 6 video games that will grant you a few hours of peace during the school holidays. All of these games are available now, are child friendly and cost less than £12.

1) Beach Buggy Racing

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, Mobiles
Players: 1-4 Local.

With a large cast of colourful characters, customisable vehicles and 12 imaginative race tracks, Beach Buggy Racing is a fun little kart racing game. Sure, it’s no Mario Kart but it shares much of the same DNA and even after 2 years, my kids still put this game on at least once a week for some 4 player split-screen action. Beach Buggy Racing is great for larger, younger families because of the local race modes but it has an extensive single player campaign too.

2). Screencheat

Available On: PC, Xbox One, PS4
Players: 1-8

It’s incredibly rare for a first-person shooter to receive a PEGI rating of younger than 10+ but Screencheat is one such game. Rated at 7+, this is a shooter that the whole family can enjoy. Screencheat is a game built around one simple premise – that you can’t see your opponents and to win you have to watch their screen (historically known as screen cheating) to figure out where they are. With comical weaponry and absurd action, Screencheat is great for a group of older kids.

3). Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey

Available On: PS4, Xbox One
Players: 1-2

Got a PlayStation Camera or Xbox Kinect just gathering dust? Then consider Commander Cherry and his Yoga based adventure to keep the kids happy in the school holidays. This game combines the camera ability with the controller to create a unique hybrid of genres. Strike a pose to build a bridge for Commander Cherry and then walk across the shape you create on screen with the controller. The game can be played in co-op too, one person creating shapes with their body on screen while the other uses the controller.

4). Riptide GP: Renegade

Available On: PS4, Xbox One
Players: 1-4

Affectionately called “the water game” by my kids, Riptide GP: Renegade is like a modern day Wave Racer 64. The game has a campaign mode that tells the story of a racer that gets banned from official Ripide GP races so attempts to climb the ranks of the illegal racing leagues. This game is pretty great for kids because it’s reasonably easy to pull off impressive stunts using the thumb sticks and it has 4 player split screen with a load of great tracks and jet ski’s.

5). ClusterTruck

Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Players: 1

The name might conjure up imagery a more adult game but ClusterTruck has a 3+ PEGI Rating. In this single player game, you run and jump across the top of trucks that are barrelling towards a finish line. This game has had all of my kids in fits of laughter when ever they play and it’ll likely cure any boredom your kids are feeling over the school holidays.

6). Party Golf

Available On: PS4, PC
Players: 1-8

With up to 8 player couch multiplayer, procedurally generated courses and literally trillions of different play variations, Party Golf takes the 2D Golf genre to the next level. Self described as “less golf, more party”, it’s a game that is missing any kind of single player content but makes up for it with a myriad of multiplayer modes that will keep your children busy for hours on end.


Got any other suggestions for the parents out there? Do your kids like a cheap game? Add it to the comments below.

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