5 Ways To Improve The PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch

1). Easier Voice Chat and Party/Friend settings

For reasons only Nintendo know for sure (and I’m not willing to accept it’s just for ‘rapid improvements’), the voice chat for the system is provided by a mobile app. This is an incredibly convoluted system which a). Means you have to have your phone with you when you want to play online b). Can continually be interrupted by cold callers ringing your phone when playing c). Burns through your phone battery life, even with in power saving and d). Is entirely unintuitive. Nintendo have improved the system since launch but I hope that in the future, voice chat becomes part of the system itself rather than an added extra. While Nintendo are at it, they probably need to bring their Friends system into the 20th Century and do away with Friend Codes.

2). Media Apps

It’s probably a matter of time before Netflix and Amazon follow the lead set by Hulu by releasing on the Switch but at present, this feels like a huge hole in the hybrid consoles offering. It’s almost a certainty that a plethora of media apps are on their way to the Switch but for it to be worthwhile, these apps must come with the “Download to watch offline” option that Hulu conveniently failed to deliver.

3). An Achievement/Trophy System

I know this is likely to be a controversial suggestion because many Nintendo fans believe that the Switch doesn’t need an achievement/trophy like system and similarly, vast swathes of gamers ignore these virtual badges of honour on PS4 and Xbox One as it is. It’s those gamers that *do* enjoy them on PS4/X1 that are missing them on that Switch. Adding this type of a system to the console can’t hurt and everyone else could go on ignoring them blissfully as they do currently. Trophies and Achievements are a fantastic lock in technology, gearing gamers to stick with one platform over gaming on multiple systems so it’d benefit Nintendo to add them while satisfying those who like to keep a virtual record of their gaming achievements for all to see.

4). Competitive Sales Pricing

Nintendo games are notorious for retaining their price over time, both online and at retail, and this is partly due to the fact that sales on Nintendo platforms have never been truly competitive and work in a walled garden like system. As everyone rushes to port their games to the Switch, culminating in weeks when 15+ games are releasing in one go for more than £15, the same exact games are for sale on the PS4 and Xbox One a week later for less than a fiver. This means that as a console, the Switch is currently the least affordable. This is, of course, everyone making hay while the sun shines, but it would be fantastic to see Nintendo be more competitive in terms of sales initiatives, maybe holding themed sales events like Xbox and PlayStation. It’d also be beneficial for developers, gamers and Nintendo themselves if they increase the visibility of games on sale outside of those that go looking for them.

5). Game Sharing

Having more than one of the same console in a home is becoming more and more common these days and thanks to Game Sharing on PS4 and Xbox One, it means that you only need to buy a digital game once to play a game on 2 different machines. If you have the consoles set up correctly, you can play the same game at the same time on 2 consoles which means you can play with your family members upstairs while playing in the living room. On the Switch, this isn’t possible. You can load your Nintendo profile onto 8 different consoles but digitally purchased games can only be played on which ever Switch is currently set as your “Active” unit. There’s obvious business reasons for limiting game sharing on Switch (like doubling sales of some games that a family might share) but in comparison to competitors, this is poor. If Nintendo really wanted to present themselves as a family friendly console and game manufacturer, they’d let me play Splatoon 2 with my lad up stairs without having to drop £80 up front.

Is there something else you can think of that needs improving with the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch? Sound off in the comments section (but be polite eh?). 


  • Jbumi
    On February 9, 2018 12:37 0Likes

    I love the idea of Digital Game Gifting, but I’d go one step further & say you should be able to gift digital games you’ve already bought for yourself. You’d have to give up your licensed rights to the game (they’d transfer to the giftee), but it would give us the ability to trade digital games!!

    • Sean Davies
      On February 9, 2018 15:03 0Likes

      Thats’s a great idea – I know there has been a tonne of legal wranglings going on in the States regarding the legality of selling/gifting digital games to others but hopefully that’ll become a reality one day.

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