34 Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting Excited About


23). Frozen Synapse 2



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac & Linux

Mode 7 Games are heading back to their stop-start strategy game Frozen Synapse with a sequel filled with new weapons, units and new “One-Turn” multiplayer mode. We’re a big fan of Frozen Synapse (and the sibling Frozen Cortex too) here at Finger Guns and we’re incredibly excited to see where Mode 7 go with the sequel. Follow them on twitter and beg Paul for more/less gameplay trilers and ask him “what day it is and whether it’s with us or not” (seriously, follow them. They’re great).

24). Pepper Grinder

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac & Linux

I first saw Pepper Grinder (not to be confused with the weapon in Alice: Madness Returns) on twitter when I stumbled across a gif with an incredibly satisfying looking drilling mechanic. A few clicks later and I was in love. Seriously, go and check out some of the gifs of Pepper Grinder in action and try not to fall head over heels with it. I’ll wait…
You’re back? Cool. Pepper is a pirate who much use her trusty drill Grinder to recover her lost treasure by boring through the earth and drilling through enemies. Hype levels? They’re over 9000.

25). Tacoma



Release Date: 2017
Platforms: Xbox One, PC, Mac & Linux

Developers Fullbright exploded onto the gaming scene with their debut, Gone Home. Tacoma is their “difficult second album”. How do you create a follow up to such a successful narrative game such as Gone Home? You move it to space station and have the player piece together the echoes left by the lives of the crew that are now mysteriously missing. That’s how. Taking cues from System Shock 2 and Bioshock, Tacoma has a lot of potential and, according to some previews, has an incredible attention to detail.

26). Absolver


Release Date: August 29th, 2017
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One & PC

For as long as I can remember, fighting games have always been played side-on. One character starts at the left, the other at the right and they go at it until someone is KO’d. Absolver does one thing differently and it changes the whole prospect – the camera angle. Such a simple change makes this game feel more like adventure game and rightfully so because this martial arts-focused action role-playing indie game has a lot more going for it. Using collectible loot and move sets, you build up and customise your characters fighting styles in order to best both Human and AI opponents (which seamlessly blends together) in order to prove they have what it takes to be part of the Absolver peacekeepers. We’re just a few months away from the release of Absolver, being developed by ex-Ubisoft developers Sloclap and published by Devolver Digital.

27). Dead End Job



Release Date: Feb 2018
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One & PC

I got to have some hands on time with Dead End Job at EGX Rezzed 2017 and even at this early stage of development, it’s plain to see that developers Ant Workshop have something pretty special on their hands. A twin-stick roguelike shooter that feels like a 2D Luigi’s Mansion complete with an art style inspired by the Saturday Morning cartoons of the 90’s (Ren & Stimpy and Ed, Edd ‘n’ Eddy for example), Dead End Job is a hot prospect for 2018. Follow Ant Workshop and ex-Rockstar designer Tony Gowland on twitter for more info.

28). Steamworld Dig 2



Release Date: Summer 2017
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Just like its predecessor, SteamWorld Dig 2 is all about digging – except everything has been improved from art style to visuals, character movement to combat. I recently got to play through the tutorial level and every aspect of the game felt improved – and that’s saying something because the original SteamWorld Dig was among my “Games of the Year 2014”. Image & Form are releasing on Nintendo Switch in Summer 2017 before considering moving the game to other platforms in the future. You can keep up to date on progress of Steamworld Dig 2 by following the developers on Twitter.

29). At Sundown


Release Date: “Soon”
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

When I last played At Sundown, I left the game thinking “That was f**king brilliant”. It’s a party game built around a simple premise – Your character is invisible in the darkness and can only be seen when light shines on you or when you attack. It’s a game of risk vs. reward as you try to keep track of your own character (who is invisible) while trying to spot your opponents. Do you fire off a shot and tempt your enemies closer? Or do you swoop in when 2 of your adversaries start to fight and take them out at the same time? Once you’ve played this game, it’s easy to see why At Sundown was nominated for a BAFTA Ones to Watch Award in 2016. Published by Versus Evil and developed by Mild Beast Games, this is one to keep on your radar.

30). Serial Cleaner



Release Date: Summer 2017
Platforms: PC, Xbox One & PS4

You’re probably used to causing a bloody mess in games by now, splattering gibs everywhere, but I imagine you’ve not considered the dangers of cleaning up the mess after all the action has gone down. That’s the premise of Serial Cleaner – you’re a professional “cleaner” who must dispose of the evidence around crime scenes without being caught by the police. Throwing bodies out of high-rise windows or into the trunk of a car, hoovering up blood stains and picking up incriminating evidence while avoiding the 5-0 is a tough job involving plenty of stealth and trial-and-error as you determine the best route around each map. It has a 70’s aesthetic with an abundance of pastel tones and a smooth jazz meets funky disco soundtrack reminiscent of the time period too. From iFun4All (developers of Red Game Without a Great Name) and Curve Digital, Serial Cleaner is available on Steam Early Access now and releasing on PS4, Xbox One & PC this year.

31). MegaSphere



Release Date: TBC
Platforms: PC

MegaSphere is one of the most visually appealing indie games I’ve seen in recent times and it ticks all the boxes. Sci-Fi? Yup. Post-Cyberpunk? Yup. Procedural generation? Yup. Puzzles? Yup. fast paced gunplay? Yup. Pixel art mixed with “pixel-perfect modern lighting engine”? Yup. That too. MegaSphere is an all-rounder that I get excited about every time I see a new Gif. From AKGames, MegaSphere is currently in Steam Early Access.

32). The Botanist



Release Date: Mid 2017
Platforms: PC

Recently, real world events dog piled me, I had a weird panic attack and I felt the need to find something relaxing to play. I did eventually find something (Everything) but on my search, I stumbled across The Botanist. Developed by James Biddulph (AKA Jamo Games) the game is about planting and nurturing plants. Each plant is unique and is seeded from a word that you choose and you can take photographs of your favourite plants. While that sounds incredibly relaxing, you can build up your reputation as a Botanist by completing orders for customers, so there are some larger systems at work too. The Botanist has passed through Steam Greenlight without a hitch.

33). Routine


Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC

You said 2016. Then you said March 2017. Now it’s a little later. I’m not mad Lunar Software. I’m really not. I’m just so damn excited to play your first game – Routine. I’ve been on the hook since 2012 because your game feels like it is laser guided to my tastes. An 80’s sci-fi inspired permadeath horror game set aboard a space station haunted by… well…scary things? How could I not be excited about this? Please, take your time. Don’t rush it. Routine has a lot of potential and if it lives up to it, this could be an amazing game.
Hugs and kisses.
Sean @ Finger Guns.


34). Lazarus

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC

Have you ever felt like you’re doing the same things over and over? Like you’ve maybe read something before? Maybe you’re stuck in Groundhog day and keep having Deja Vu? Well, Lazarus takes that concept and applies it to the top-down Shmup genre in a totally unique way. Currently in Early Access, Lazarus has thousands of players play together in an MMO-esque world with the aim of surviving. Space battles, foraging for resources and discovering new tech are all part and parcel of the game but at the end of which week, the reset button is pressed and the entire game returns to the start position. Spilt Milk Studios are being really open with the development of this game and are using community and player feedback to improve this game all the way through to V.1.0 and you can follow them on Twitter to keep up with new developments.

Huh. Deja Vu again. That was weird. Almost like someone’s hitting the reset button.


Have we missed an indie game that you’re excited about? Want to send us something to check out? Head to the comments section and drop us a link.

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    Hi, I’d just like to add 35) Dead Static Drive. Goodness me that game looks amazing.

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