34 Upcoming Indie Games Worth Getting Excited About


12). In The Shadows




Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac & Linux

Remember when you were a kid and you would walk out of a room a little more quickly if the lights were out? Y’know, just incase there was something in the dark? Well, In The Shadows is a 2D puzzle platformer that plays on those fears. Ordinary household objects might turn to monsters in the dark, but shine a light on them and they might (sic. definitely will) help you overcome some puzzles. In The Shadows is coming from one man developer Colorspace Studio and is currently in Beta phase. You can follow progress on the game by following @6052B on Twitter or on the game’s official website.

13). Nerve



Release Date: TBC

Platforms: PS4 (PSVR) & PC (Oculus and Vive)

Now, there are a few games out there with the name “Nerve” but the game I want to talk about is the fast-paced arcade runner with an abstract-digital art style built on UE4. It’s designed with VR in mind and the game hurtles you at breakneck speed along a cylindrical track where you have to avoid obstacles and pick up collectables. It’s part Radial-G, Part Thumper and when I played it at EGX Rezzed 2017, I had to go for a walk afterwards just to calm down – I felt really pumped up.

14). Oddworld: Soulstorm



Release Date: TBC
Platforms: TBC

Much like New ’N’ Tasty, Oddworld: Soulstorm was once a remake of the PS1 game Abe’s Exoddus – except now it’s something new and, by all accounts, much bigger. We know very little about this game except that Lorne Lanning wants to tell a “deeper, darker, and more sinister story” with Soulstorm and Peter Chapman said the PCGamer that “it goes [to] places that I don’t think I’ve ever seen any game go before”. It’s hard not to be excited about more Oddworld and the official twitter account is drip feeding hints via a pretty awesome ARG game with their fans. You can get involved by following them here.

15). Shape of the World



Release Date: 2018
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC & Mac

Did you play and enjoy Proteus? Do you like relaxing games? Do you like bold low-poly art styles? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Shape of the World is an indie game to get excited about. Taking inspiration from Journey and Flower, this exploration game is about wandering around a procedurally populated forest that grows around you as you move through it. The art style alone was enough to sell me on this game but by all reports, the game just left a successful Alpha testing phase and it’s turning out really well. You can keep up to date on Shape of the World by following the game’s official twitter account.

16). Thaumistry: In Charm’s Way



Release Date: July 2017
Platforms: PC

A quick history lesson – Back in the 1980’s, there was a game genre called “Text adventures”. These were interactive choose-your-own adventure games that told a story, adapting to the choices you make via text entries. Unfortunately, the genre didn’t survive the rise of the 3D gaming and very few have released since then. One of the most prolific interactive fiction game writers, Bob Bates (writer of classics such as of Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels, Eric the Unready and Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur) is set to return to the genre thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign for comedy adventure Thaumistry: In Charm’s Way. Releasing in just a few months, you can still help fund the game or keep up to date on its progress via the games official website.

17). Platago!



Release Date: TBC
Platforms: PC

Ever played a 2D platformer and thoughts “I could do better than this”? Well, Platago gives you the tools to do just that. Taking a leaf out of Mario Maker’s playbook, this game will give you the tools to build your own 2D platforming games with a plethora of different themes. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, Old School and modern tilesets are included at launch but you can import your own too. Platago (previously known as Platform Maker) is currently on Steam Greenlight here.

18). Behold the Kickmen



Release Date: “Soon”
Platforms: PC

Have you ever wondered what a Football game would look like if it were developed by someone who had no clue about Football? Dan Marshall of Size Five Games has you covered. What started as a joke on Twitter is forming into the most exciting of the retro-inspired Football games on the horizon. With a circular pitch, bullet-time tackling, an unfamiliar offside rule and a score system that resembles that of Basketball more than Football, its a tongue-in-cheek take on the UK’s favourite sport which is well worth a punt when it releases in 2017.

19). Below



Release Date: TBC
Platforms: Xbox One

It feels like Below has been in development for forever (it only feels like forever though because we’re quite excited to get our hands on it). Capybara Games‘ “rougelike-like” was originally announced at E3 2013 and has had a few different “release windows” announced since then. After delaying the game for a 3rd time, Capy wisely announced they were “going dark” so that they can “make certain that the hard work we’ve put into this game turns into something you’ll love”. It’s an admirable decision but we can’t wait to get our hands on Capy’s ‘ard-as-nails procedurally generated adventure game. Let’s hope we hear more from them at E3 2017.

20). Cuphead



Release Date: Mid-2017
Platforms: Xbox One and PC

Don’t let the cutesy 1930’s inspired art style fool you. Cuphead is as difficult as Dark Souls and as exciting as car surfing down the M6 at 70 miles per hour. I’ve only played Cuphead once for around 15 minutes and even in that time I broke into a sweat, trying to take down a boss. From Studio MDHR, this run and gun indie game is worth getting excited about.

21). Eitr



Release Date: TBC
Platforms: PS4, PC, Mac & Linux

Eitr is often described as an isometric Dark Souls clone but having had some hands on time with a build at EGX 2016, it feels like so much more than that. Sure, it’s challenging, has a gothic setting and requires catlike reflexes to master the precision-intensive combat but the game has its own feeling and tone. Eneme Entertainment recently confirmed that Eitr has been delayed until an undisclosed date but hopefully it hacks its way towards a release sooner rather than later.

22). Lazarus

Release Date: 2017
Platforms: PC

Have you ever felt like you’re doing the same things over and over? Like you’ve maybe read something before? Maybe you’re stuck in Groundhog day and keep having Deja Vu? Well, Lazarus takes that concept and applies it to the top-down Shmup genre in a totally unique way. Currently in Early Access, Lazarus has thousands of players play together in an MMO-esque world with the aim of surviving. Space battles, foraging for resources and discovering new tech are all part and parcel of the game but at the end of which week, the reset button is pressed and the entire game returns to the start position. Spilt Milk Studios are being really open with the development of this game and are using community and player feedback to improve this game all the way through to V.1.0 and you can follow them on Twitter to keep up with new developments.


Huh. Deja Vu. That was weird.


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    Hi, I’d just like to add 35) Dead Static Drive. Goodness me that game looks amazing.

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