2D brawler RAGING JUSTICE coming in 2018

Best game title of the year? Of the decade? We think so. 

Here we go! The 2D brawler returns with the brilliantly titled Raging Justice from Team 17 and developer MakinGames, a classic brawler punching and kicking its way into the modern times where you’ll be smashing thugs into little pieces, unleashing ‘maximum brutality’ with Rick Justice and Nikki Rage. You can go through the game as a good cop or bad cop, and will offer multiple endings! Oh, this sounds great. Check out the trailer here;

Would you like a blurb? Course you would;

Arrest warrants – You have the option to either obliterate your foes or play the rules and arrest them. Being a good cop has its benefits it’s a healthier lifestyle which means…well, more health but in the heat of a brawl, violence can sometimes be the answer. You get more points playing bad cop but it’s a dog eat dog world so watch out that your mate doesn’t swipe the loot before you do.
• Combat – Kick, punch and stomp your way through levels of 2D carnage with Rick and Nikki’s distinctive fighting styles
• Unique art style – Raging Justice has a distinctive art style reminiscent of classic arcade favourites brought to life with high definition 3D renders
• Vehicles – Mow down your foes on four wheels by jumping aboard lawnmowers and tractors. Vehicles will make you untouchable but if their health hits zero be prepared for an explosive exit!
• Weapons – Gear up with a variety of weapons. Smash your way through a bar fight with a stool, hit a home run with a baseball bat or ruffle your foes feathers with a deadly pigeon
• Leaderboard – Fight for the top spot on the global leaderboards. As the tension rises so can your score, use precision, timing and a tactical mind to secure your place among the best!
• Co-op multiplayer – Don’t battle through the streets alone, enlist a friend to help you in some multiplayer madness.

It all looks and sounds like brilliant fun, we can’t wait to find out more! Raging Justice is coming this year to Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC and Mac.


Source [Press Release]

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